#ncpol: Bloomberg-Johnson 2016?

markjOur favorite warrior princess, Lady Liberty, broke open the story this week about a GOP public schools superintendent candidate getting a BIG contribution from former NYC mayor and BIG, deep-pocketed, soda, gun and trans-fat banning liberal activist Michael Bloomberg.

Mark Johnson, the candidate in question, was in Pinehurst Thursday night.  So, we decided to ask him about this thing with him and Big Mike. 

Johnson said he doesn’t personally know nor has he ever met Bloomberg or Bloomberg’s daughter.  So, how did he end up with $5200 from one of America’s wealthiest men?

”Some of his people mailed the check to me,” Johnson explained.

Johnson said Bloomberg learned of him via a group he’s been quite active in called Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE).   Some have suggested LEE is a revamped version of Teach For America.   Eric Guckian, Gov. McCrory’s former education adviser, serves as LEE’s vice president for alliances.

Again, why is Bloomberg a Johnson fan?  (I mean, he did give Johnson the maximum allowed under law.  $5200 sounds like a lot of money for you and me, but it is likely pocket change for Bloomberg.)  Bloomberg IS a big fan of Common Core.   Does  Johnson share that passion? 

Johnson tells me he doesn’t find Common Core to be perfect, and says his views on education are more in line with those of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.