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Mark Johnson for, um, LtGov?

  I’ve met Department of Public Instruction superintendent Mark Johnson ONCE.    What most struck me was the campaign contribution he got from Michael Bloomberg during his inaugural run for the DPI slot.   Johnson made a big deal of his background on the Forsythe…

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A pleasant surprise at NC DPI?

I must admit I had my early doubts about Mark Johnson.  I interviewed him on the campaign trail and learned he had ties to Michael Bloomberg, of all people.   But since taking office as state education superintendent, Mark Johnson has been knocking heads with ALL…

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#ncpol: Bloomberg-Johnson 2016?

Our favorite warrior princess, Lady Liberty, broke open the story this week about a GOP public schools superintendent candidate getting a BIG contribution from former NYC mayor and BIG, deep-pocketed, soda, gun and trans-fat banning liberal activist Michael Bloomberg. Mark Johnson, the candidate in question,…

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#ncpol: An intriguing candidate for state schools superintendent

The “Walking Dead” is not just on AMC.  It’s hiding out in a corner office in Raleigh’s ”Pink Palace” and will be hitting the campaign trail very soon.  June Atkinson is seeking four more years.  She hadn’t been raising any money — fueling rumors of retirement….

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#ncpol #ncga : Has Ms. Cotham got BIG plans?

You know we think a lot of Jerry Meek’s gal Tricia. We decided to cruise on by her web site.  Something there struck as interesting.  There is little to no mention of the North Carolina House — where she currently hangs out casting votes to…

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Educrats say the darndest things ….

        When you’ve spent 40 years inside the state bureaucracy, it’s understandable that your world-view might be a little disjointed. DPI secretary June Atkinson never ceases to amaze — EVERY time she opens her mouth:  Myrtle Grove Christian School, which recently adopted a…

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See June Spin. Spin, June, Spin.

Well, it appears that public education is back in the news. The North Carolina Bankers Association — of all groups — has endorsed the Common Core curriculum for the state’s public schools.   Dr. June Atkinson and her crew at NC DPI have disseminated talking…

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: June needed paper. Dan gave her some paper.

  Well, that didn’t take long. Lt Gov. Dan Forest sent DPI Secretary June Atkinson roughly 20 pages worth of questions about the controversial Common Core curriculum.    Did Lt. Dan get his answers? Not exactly.  Atkinson’s team at DPI responded by telling Forest’s office that…

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NC SPIN props up our mummified state schools superintendent

      Today’s episode of NC Spin needs to appear on DPI superintendent June Atkinson’s campaign report as an in-kind contribution.  The show that bills itself as “Balanced Debate For The Old North State”  gave the incumbent DPI boss — who DOES have an…

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NC Campaign 2012: Don’t cry for the edu-crats

During the debate over the 2011 state budget, we heard a lot of screaming, crying, moaning and complaining from Democrats and their NCAE allies about alleged draconian budget cuts.  The new Republican majority was responsible for teachers being fired or laid off.  The cuts to…