Catherine Truitt: Not Ready to Play Nice

You hear it a lot in politics.  If things don’t work out your way in the primary, suck it up and work for a home team victory in the general.  Conservatives get hit with that argument all the time.  But when a GOPe type gets knocked off in a primary, that piece of advice gets thrown out the window.

With conservative primary victories, we often see general election boycotts and the occasional “Republicans for THE DEMOCRAT” PAC pop up.  We’ll often get some nasty commentary in the drive-by media from the RINO loser and his / her supporters.

It looks like THAT is what we’re getting from Catherine Truitt, who lost her GOP renomination fight for DPI superintendent in March to conservative Michele Morrow.   Truitt had been a protégè of former Governor Pat McCrory, and had her campaign treasury stocked by a  Who’s Who over in the legislature.

Here’s Truitt yesterday in front of a bunch of liberals in Raleigh:

Education has become too political and focused on wrong things, outgoing North Carolina Superintendent Catherine Truitt told a gathering of hundreds of educators and community leaders Tuesday. […] 

Says the long-time McCrory hack who devoted an inordinate amount of her time in office to the “Get Whitey” agenda.


Politicians and news media focus too much on buzzwords and hot topics, she said, and they’re missing the point.

Truitt, a Republican who lost her primary reelection campaign in March to right-wing challenger Michele Morrow, was a featured speaker at the annual Eggs & Issues Breakfast, an annual forum hosted by the Public School Forum of North Carolina in Raleigh and attended by educators and community leaders who have influence over the state’s public schools. Truitt spoke harshly of a political climate in which the popular discourse on schools isn’t focused on how to meaningfully improve student performance.

During her speech, she urged people to press their education leaders for detailed, data-driven plans on how to improve test scores and workforce readiness and how to use resources where they’re needed most.

“Education has emerged as a contentious wedge issue in our political discourse,” Truitt said. “Both Democrats and Republicans are using education to appeal to their respective bases, framing campaigns and policies around buzzwords that inspire clicks, and drive donations.”

Truitt also noted the urgency of education issues, as students in many places continue to recover from months of remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, in which the pace of learning slowed significantly.

“We are at a critical juncture,” Truitt said. “There’s a big election ahead of us. The stakes are high, because we’re trying to recover from the greatest disruption to education in our country’s history, while the very nature of what it means to be workforce ready is changing by the day. But as someone who has had the privilege to lead public education for the last nearly four years, I want to underscore the need for our leaders to take their eyes off the buzzwords and hot topics that drive news and viral videos.

“This will mean doing away with what sounds good in favor of doing good for students.”

Truitt didn’t name the two main nominees for the superintendent position — Republican Michele Morrow and Democrat Mo Green. But some observers took some of her comments as jabs at Morrow.

As an example of buzzwords, Truitt listed “indoctrination” and “critical race theory,” which refers to studying things through the lens of the impact of systemic racism. […]

The way these people explain systemic racism is this: If everyone suddenly just stopped hating and started loving everyone, there would still be something called systemic racism. “Systemic racism” is ingrained in our society and our economy, they say, and we “oppressors” – aka white men — need to start on the long road toward making amends.  Really sick stuff.  Quite similar to the concepts Lenin used to rant and babble about.


[…] Morrow, a former home-school educator who has called public schools “indoctrination centers,” has urged people not to send their children to them. She also is a vocal opponent of teaching of critical race theory in schools.

[…] Education leaders need to show whether they have a “credible chance at executing a coherent long-term vision,” Truitt said. That vision should include issues that don’t go viral on social media, she said.

“It means tackling the issues that aren’t shiny, that aren’t easily understood, or easily explained, that aren’t popular,” Truitt said. […]

*Ah, there it is.  The arrogance of the edu-cat:  STFU and give me all your money.  All the elegance of a street-corner stick-up. *

Never mind that Ms. Open-Minded loaded up her staff with CRT and DEI goons and ran off a faculty member who dared to question the value of CRT in public education.

She clearly focused on a lot of unpopular stuff.  The public rejected her.  A rare event in Council of State reelection bids.

I am betting that this sore loser switches parties really, really soon.