#ncpol: An intriguing candidate for state schools superintendent

The “Walking Dead” is not just on AMC.  It’s hiding out in a corner office in Raleigh’s ”Pink Palace” and will be hitting the campaign trail very soon.  June Atkinson is seeking four more years.  She hadn’t been raising any money — fueling rumors of retirement.  But then, those affiliated committees came along. Stein_Rosemary-1-3-1

To extend her stay in Raleigh, ol’ June will have to slip past Dr. Rosemary Stein of Burlington.   Stein, a Republican, has been a vocal opponent of Common Core AND ObamaCare.     (She starred in a national advertisement critical of ObamaCare.)   Her issue positions include support for phonics education, for increased parental involvement, and for classical education.

Her position  on English as a Second Language courses (ESL) will surely play into the current debate about immigration and amnesty.  She traveled as a child to Canada to enroll in a French-only school.  She mastered the language via immersion, and believes this is a much better route than the current policy of yanking kids out of regular classrooms for special ESL sessions.

Dr. Stein comes from a long line of teachers and school administrators, and is a trustee at Alamance Community College.  She and her husband run a pediatric practice in Burlington.

Very interesting. Give the lady a good hard look. It sounds like we have a substantive, credible conservative candidate for DPI superintendent on our hands.


4 thoughts on “#ncpol: An intriguing candidate for state schools superintendent

  1. Totally agree – Dr. Stein IS as you say, a substantive, credible conservative candidate. She’ll be speaking at the Historic Courthouse in downtown Pittsboro on Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00pm. For more information, go to http://www.chathamncgop.com

  2. Amazing woman. Please, get behind her with your support as she takes on the corporate education system. Here is a classy lady with a credible grip on what our children need to thrive. We must replace the poison called Common Core and give control over our most precious resource back to the local school boards (though I’m betting many don’t want it because they are used to just rubber stamping whatever comes out of the pink palace) and parents. Meet her and you will immediately be impressed by her intellect. She is personable and totally real.

  3. Dr. Stein’s presentation at the Moore County Republican Executive Committee meeting Thursday was most impressive!
    Dr. Stein’s philosophy of family values and education are truely American. Her husband, a military trained physician in his own right, accompanies dr. Stein on her appearances!
    We are very fortunate to have this couple in our state and be willing to give of their time and energy for our educational system!
    Please give them full support!

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