#ncpol: An intriguing candidate for state schools superintendent

The “Walking Dead” is not just on AMC.  It’s hiding out in a corner office in Raleigh’s ”Pink Palace” and will be hitting the campaign trail very soon.  June Atkinson is seeking four more years.  She hadn’t been raising any money — fueling rumors of retirement.  But then, those affiliated committees came along. Stein_Rosemary-1-3-1

To extend her stay in Raleigh, ol’ June will have to slip past Dr. Rosemary Stein of Burlington.   Stein, a Republican, has been a vocal opponent of Common Core AND ObamaCare.     (She starred in a national advertisement critical of ObamaCare.)   Her issue positions include support for phonics education, for increased parental involvement, and for classical education.

Her position  on English as a Second Language courses (ESL) will surely play into the current debate about immigration and amnesty.  She traveled as a child to Canada to enroll in a French-only school.  She mastered the language via immersion, and believes this is a much better route than the current policy of yanking kids out of regular classrooms for special ESL sessions.

Dr. Stein comes from a long line of teachers and school administrators, and is a trustee at Alamance Community College.  She and her husband run a pediatric practice in Burlington.

Very interesting. Give the lady a good hard look. It sounds like we have a substantive, credible conservative candidate for DPI superintendent on our hands.