#ncpol: The votes that matter

DallasIt’s campaign time.  Republican primary voters are getting bombarded with all kinds of propaganda about how Politician X is a ”conservative warrior” who has voted to repeal ObamaCare, cut taxes, cut spending, and pretty much save the world.  (*C’mon, give ’em two / six more years.*) 

These claims are a lot like those made by your friend who boasts of losing three pounds.  They neglect to mention that during the same period they GAINED seven — for a net gain of FOUR POUNDS.

In that case, are you being told the truth?  In a way, YES.  But you are not getting THE FULL STORY.  The meaningful part of the story is the gain of seven pounds that adds foxxstress on your friend’s heart and negatively impacts their health and physical appearance. 

It’s nice that Virginia Foxx cast a vote to repeal ObamaCare.  She’ll trumpet said vote in a press release.  But it was meaningless. It got buried in the Senate. The meaningful story is that she repeatedly voted for CRomnibus legislation that fully funded amnesty for illegals, sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood, AND ObamaCare.  The #1 power the House has is that of the pursestrings.  They can choose to fund, or not to fund, something and dramatically impact its effects on the economy and the American people.  You can preach all you want about opposing ObamaCare.  You can cast allthom-smoking the show votes you want about “repeal”-ing ObamaCare.  But when you vote for CRomnibus-style travesties that give cash to all of these horribly destructive things, you’ve done real damage.   All of our state’s House Republicans — except Walter Jones and Mark Meadows — have, at one time or another, voted for CRomnibus bills that fully fund ObamaCare, amnesty, or Planned Parenthood. 

Over in the Senate, filibusters and cloture votes are the main weapons members of the minority have to protect themselves from the tyranny of the majority.  A carefully-planned, what-part-nowell-executed filibuster can kill off, or at least cripple, some very bad bills.  Senator Helms demonstrated that time and time gain.  

Our current senators, Burr and Thillis, have been playing games with the whole filibuster and cloture process.  With the confirmation of Obama’s horrible AG Loretta Lynch, they both voted FOR cloture — which allowed a vote on the Senate floor.  Both men voted against her on the floor of the Senate, thereby winning publicity for opposing Lynch.

The Senate has a rule that — if at least one member of the nominee’s home state delegation has an issue with the nominee — a vote can be put off until things are resolved or indefinitely.  If Burr or Thillis had stood firm, they could have derailed putting this evil woman in power. 

With their cloture votes, they basically allowed for Lynch to be confirmed.  sleep

On the CRomnibus, both Burr and Tillis voted to end a filibuster and allow for a vote.  Burr voted against it — because he is up for reelection — and Thillis voted for it.  (He doesn’t have to face us again at the polls until 2020.)  Burr and Thillis are all over the place claiming they stood strong against amnesty, Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare.  The problem?  Their cloture votes allowed for full funding for ALL THREE.

Something similar happens in the General Assembly.  They have votes on first, second, and third readings.  You can vote YES on the first, NO on the second, and YES on the third.  mouthThen you can go out and boast about your YES or NO vote on the issue, depending on what the particular audience at the time wants to hear.

When evaluating a politicians’s performance, you need to look at their votes in terms of their  effect.  Did they ALLOW a horrible bill to go forward and pass?  Voting to kill a filibuster, and then voting NO on the bill, STILL inflicts that horrible bill on us.  Even though you voted NO on the floor or final reading. 

If you vote for a bill that funds something really bad like ObamaCare, that makes you just as bad as the people who introduced and wrote the original travesty.