Dallas, Dick & Bernie: The (Really) Odd Cou — um, Trio

Yesterday, we heard about how our senior, nominally Republican, US senator may have a fetish for crusty New England socialists.    Today we get this over the email:


Let me check the calendar.  Yep, we are STILL in the midst of primary season. And there is DallasSTILL a total of four Republican candidates in the primary for US Senate.  (There may be four names, but Greg Brannon appears to be the ONLY one of the three challengers waging a halfway serious campaign.) 

I wonder which Republicans against intrusive government Dallas plans to invest my $5 on.  It can’t be Dick Burr — who has proudly endorsed NSA spying domestically and expressed a desire to see even more.  It can’t be Thom Thilli$ — who has voted to allow Loretta Lynch to become AG, FOR debt ceiling increases, and FOR funding of Planned Committee chairman U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (R) and ranking member Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) (L) address Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki (not pictured) as he testifies before a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on VA health care, on Capitol Hill in Washington May 15, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY HEALTH) - RTR3PBKJParenthood, amnesty, sanctuary cities, and ObamaCare.  It can’t be Dick Burr, who told us that defunding ObamaCare was the “dumbest idea” he’d ever heard of. 

It’s interesting that the GOPe is trumpeting this meaningless EPA vote.  We’re told all the time that defunding ObamaCare is not worth the effort, because Obama is just going to veto it.  But then they come along with this EPA vote, and think it’s wonderful. 

Folks, wethom-smoking are being played.  I can’t stress it enough.  The GOPe and NCGOPe have reverted back to pre-Reagan times.  It’s back to the days ofbeing a clique.  We’ve got a bunch of folks who enjoy being at the center of government power, or spending time there, wielding the power of the state, or being able to facilitate government “favors” for various and sundry cronies.  This bunch segregates itself into a D group and an R group. 

They kind of remind me of that popular cheerleader in high school who only spoke burrto you when she needed your vote for homecoming queen or student body president or something like that.  Outside of those brief periods, you’re *dead*, unwashed — a nerd.  THAT is how the program works in Raleigh and DC today.

It’s one big non-stop circular self-admiration session.  And we’re on the outside being ignored — left to foot the bill and wonder WHAT the hell is going on. 

26 thoughts on “Dallas, Dick & Bernie: The (Really) Odd Cou — um, Trio

  1. I am really shocked about Dick Burr supporting Bernie I figured he would be supporting Hillary.
    Dallas Woodhouse brought us Thom the terrible who is worse than Burr. The NCGOP is a failure and Dallas and Hasan are one of the many problems with this Chicago -Style organization.

  2. These people disgust me beyond words. Let’s just call them the #Cartel and their bleeting sheep. The #Cartel wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the sheep. The sheep and the wolves they follow are in for a rude awakening come March 15.

  3. Does this drunken buffoon think that by adding Tillis’ name he is doing anything other than supporting a candidate in a primary? Horsehockey! This is an inappropriate act of promoting Tricky Dick Burr in the US Senate primary. Woodhouse should be fired forthwith, and any Central Committee member who refuses to do it should be run out of office. This is outrageous.

    Any conservatives still giving money to these establishment hacks need to cut it off. Send your money to places like the Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund instead.

    1. The central committe would just put itself in closed session with the non disclosure agreement so the people would never get to know how would not fire him

      At this point the chairman and vice chair are just as much to blame as woodhouse they all are proving themselves not trustworthy and not fighters for conservitive cause they seem to like to fight for their own self protection

      And with that said my loyalty is with conservitive ethics first and the R by my name second

      1. You’ve obviously haven’t sat in on a CC meeting in the last 8 months. You should do that. In effect, the Chairman has been replaced by Dallas.
        The Cotten twins, General Bunn, Private 1st Class Terry and a few others rule the meetings. They also give Woodhouse his marching orders.
        The GOPe is threatened by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman since neither believe in crony politics and abide by the Plan of Organization.
        Not sure Joyce Cotten has ever read it.

        1. I do not doubt that 100% of what you said it true

          my question is how would the executive committee know any of this is going on?

          who should tell the executive committee these problems ?

          is not the executive committee a great starting point to deal with these problems?

          Does not the central committee work for the party by power given to it by the executive committee?

          and how should we try to fight these people and get our republican party back ?

  4. Dallas is a liar. Tillabus and Dick have done nothing to stop Obama. They have both fully funded his entire agenda. Burr has voted to raise the debt limit 9 times. He voted no when Cruz tried to de fund Obama Care. Talk about false advertising and disingenuous rhetoric, Dallas is The male version of Hillary Clinton. What a corrupt liar.

  5. I emailed this to a few folks who contacted me and I thought I would post it for those of you who
    have concerns.

    Dear. @@@@@@:

    Thanks for expressing your concerns as well as your
    efforts to make us stronger as a party to defeat

    The NCGOP does not endorse or weigh in on primary races.

    However, it has been standard practice for decades that the Party does not go silent on relevant news items that involve our elected officials. This email discussed a news worthy event that our sitting Senators actively fought against in order to protect our state.

    The party does not provide assistance to
    any primary campaign. We make all GOP data available to all candidates.
    I meet with and answer questions to any of our primary/general election candidates.

    I have personally apologized
    for a wording error in a December letter that could have given the impression of an endorsement. However we have made clear that primary rules are extremely important.
    We will do all we can to follow them to the letter of the plan of organization.

    I would not have received an overwhelming vote of confidence recently
    If the committees that govern our party thought I was being
    unfair or irresponsible.

    However the POO does not and has never required
    the party to refrain from ever mentioning the names of our office holders.
    It would be political malpractice to go “completely dark” during the primary season and act as if our Governor, US Senator and other duly elected officials don’t exist.
    What a gift that would be to the Democrat party.

    No state party in this nation that I am aware of, has a ban on speaking about or
    defending the governing actions of republican office holders during election season.

    I promise we take your concerns seriously. We will not
    put our thumb on the scale for any campaign.

    However if it is your expectation that the NCGOP refrain from
    ever using the name of our Governor or senior US Senator
    between now and March, I fear you are bound to be

    I can be reached at the office at 919 828 6423 and

    P.S. If this is an area where we disagree let’s find areas of common interest to work together to defeat the democrat party and their candidates

    1. Lets be honest by the time the meeting got around to the vote on you the meeting had become a sham. The vote was a joke how about a real vote mailed out to every excom member and then tabulated by a third party. I would guess you might not feel so high and mighty after that

      I think you are ruining the party but that is just my opinion

      1. There never was an informed vote on Woodhouse. Most of the committee members never heard the specifics of the complaint. The county chairman who brought the resolution had a medical emergency in his family and could not attend, so an at-large member from his county asked that the resolution be held until the next meeting when that county chairman could present it. Nothing of its contents were ever mentioned to the body. The meeting chair, the new General Counsel (who is also the most factionally biased GC in my memory) tried to bring it to a vote anyway, claiming incorrectly that the at large member had moved it, which he had not. Since they could not get anything on the floor that way, the husband of one of the Central Committee ringleaders made a generic motion with nothing specific behind it to support Woodhouse. The body as a whole, other than those who read the Haymaker, were clueless about what the issue was.

        Called that a vote of confidence on this issue is a load of hooey.

        1. Correct exactly but how do we stop this evil moment within the state party. if the ex comm cannot fight it who can

    2. Unfortunately Dallas there is no common ground conservatives share with the RINO establishment. Take your beloved Dick Burr for example he would support Bernir Sanders a socialist over Ted Cruz if he were the nominee. Wil the NCGOP be taking any action against Burr?
      The good old days you are accustomed to with drive by type supporters are over. The people understand the RINO establishment is Hillary Clinton. There is no difference.

    3. Dallas Woodhouse can you site any examples where the Republican Party is any different from the democrat party? Can you show any examples of votes where they have cut funding for illegal immigration, Obama Care extra. Are you aware that 92 percent of GOP voters want something done about immigration and The Republican Party refuses to do anything. I used to believe the Republican Party was democrat light but now I see they are just as bad or worse. Take Thom Tillabus for example he just voted to exempt the unions from the Cadillac Tax on health care plans? Has the Republican Party done anything about Obama Care for self employed people who provide their own health insurance other than exempt unions? Do you pay your own health insurance, Dallas? Or does the GOP provide it? If you were me , you’d be disgusted with Thom and Dick.

      1. Where are you Dallas? Let’s hear some examples.lets hear about your experiences with Obama Care? You work for the REPUBLICAN Party and can’t name one thing? PATHETIC!
        Is Thom Tillis a champion for Republican ideas? You are his biggest fan? What has Thom done other than advance liberal ideas. Why don’t you ask Paul Shumaker why anyone with a brain would support Burr or the RINO establishment. You and your pals are FRAUDS masquerading as Republicans.

    4. Dallas Woodhouse has just doubled down on abuse of his office for factional bias within the party.

      There is no legitimate differentiation between incumbent candidates and challenger candidates, nor any legitimate basis to treat one of those categories differently than the other. That is just a crutch in this instance, as Woodhouse favors the establishment candidates, who in this case happen to be incumbents (other than Walter Jones, and I strongly suspect that Woodhouse has not lifted a finger for him). All candidates need to receive the same treatment, not one group pushed over the other group.

      Woodhouse was favored for his job by the consultant buddies, Stewart and Shumaker, and by odd coincidence, Shumaker happens to be the consultant for one of those incumbent establishment candidates that Woodhouse is pushing with party resources.

      Woodhouse is not one who can credibly argue about what the party has done for decades since he has no personal history of involvement in the party structure until a few months ago. And his statements are flat out wrong, with the exception of Tom Fetzer as chairman calling a press conference and endorsing as NCGOP chairman the establishment candidate in the 8th District Congressional runoff in 2010. Is that travesty the history that Woodhouse is referring to?

  6. Brant,

    I don’t appreciate your suggestion that I’m not running a serious campaign against Richard Burr. Why do you say that? Is it because I’m not conducting a “Town Hall Tour” all across the state?

    The fact that in your last two articles on the Burr/Sanders/Cruz flap you only mention Greg Brannon and not Paul Wright or me makes me wonder if you’ve not already chosen sides in the Republican U.S. Senate primary.

    If you favor Greg Brannon that’s certainly your right, but please have the journalistic candor to say so.

    Larry Holmquist

    1. Larry, I like you and Major Dave has been a big advocate for you. But, its going to take more than that.

      How much money are you willing to raise and spend? How many miles have you put on your car? How many counties have you visited?

      A serious campaign takes money, time commitment, and a grassroots base. I’ve seen very little from your efforts.

      1. Straighttalker, I don’t know who you are, but I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

        Please call me at 336-558-6549.

        Thank you very much.

          1. Larry Paul and Greg need to team up together and decide which one the three of them are going to support..

            that is my 2 cents

            if the law was written that the combination of votes against a incumbent totaled more votes then the incumbent got then the incumbent would be tossed out and at run off would happen between the new challengers then all three in the race would be fine but the law is not written this way but it might be a great change for this nation and state if this is how primary elections were governed

          2. We need to restore democracy in North Carolina by going back to the old law on runoffs, where a candidate needed a majority the first time to avoid one. The current law is a rotten incumbent protection act.

          3. Be grateful that he went to the time and trouble to put his name on the ballot so that we have an alternative to Burr. Coming up with the resources for a fight like this is asking a ton. If 60% of all Republican voters really do feel betrayed by their elected Republicans, they’ll know who NOT to vote for.

  7. It is now a moot point if Burr is for Bernie or not because Glenn Beck has already administered the Presidential Oath of Office to Ted Cruz.

    Glenn has gone from wanting to kiss one of our US Senatorial candidates in the mouth to administering the Oath of Office to Cruz.

    I am not too sure which Article of the Constitution gives Glenn the legal authority but I am sure Judge Judy will deliver a ruling on her show tomorrow.

    Saturday Night Live will become the biggest contributor to GOP politics just for the material. You just cannot make this stuff up.

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