#ncsen: Burr prefers Bernie over Ted? (That’s what the AP says.)

burrDick Burr has a reputation for not being the brightest bulb in the pack.  Back during the financial crisis, he took some heat for advising people to go to the ATM and take all their money out.   When Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows were fighting tooth-and-nail to defund ObamaCare, Burr publicly derided the idea as “the dumbest [he’d] ever heard.”

Now comes THIS from the Twitter-verse:


Donna, in case you don’t know, is a DC correspondent for the Associated Press. She recently penned a column talking about the PR problems Ted Cruz has with his fellow senators.

Some of you may not be aware that Bernie Sanders actually ran for mayor, the US House, AND the Senate as Committee chairman U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (R) and ranking member Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) (L) address Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki (not pictured) as he testifies before a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on VA health care, on Capitol Hill in Washington May 15, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY HEALTH) - RTR3PBKJa Socialist.  The Democrats were too wussy for him. He is running in the Democrat primary for president even though he is not registered with them.  And here — apparently — is our senior REPUBLICAN senator suggesting he would vote for a Socialist for president before he’d vote for a rock-solid conservative like Ted Cruz.

RememIMG_5443ber the heat Greg Brannon took in the 2014 US Senate race for writing in Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential race?  At least Paul was a Republican.  

Remember the heat Brannon took for not coming out and publicly endorsing Thom Thilli$ in the general election? 

We conservatives take all kinds of heat — from people like Dick Burr –  if we dare to suggest we might not come out and support the GOPe lightweights we get saddled with year after year. This is the same kind of crap the Rockefeller folks did to sink Goldwater in 1964.  This is the same kind of thing they tried against Reagan in 1980 with John Anderson’s independent run.   It looks and sounds like that party loyalty thing is a ONE-WAY street.

Thank goodness we have THREE other choices in the 2016 US Senate primary here in North Carolina.


44 thoughts on “#ncsen: Burr prefers Bernie over Ted? (That’s what the AP says.)

  1. To get anything meaningful done a President must work with Congress. If someone like Cruz has alienated even those in his own party it follows he is a poor choice to be a leader.

    1. Really JBP? To get anything meaningful done, just like the Republican Party rolled over and played dead at the feet of Obama? Is that getting things done? This slam at Senator Cruz by big ol establishment Burr is a kick in the teeth to every conservative & Cruz supporter in this state. Meanwhile they run around begging for donations from those of us they despise. So Mr Burr can go ask Socialist Bernie & his ilk for money. My hard earned dollars will go to one of his primary opponents who, just like Cruz did, may actually go to DC and fulfill their campaign promises.

      1. With Burr still denying he said this, and in the absence of any “hard evidence” (such as a video or audio tape), the whole thing boils down to something akin to a “he said, she said” affair.

        Do I think he MAY have said this about Sanders and Cruz? I’d say it’s very possible, but right now we don’t know with 100% certainty.

        However, the bigger point is the fact that this “story” and the ensuing controversy show again the level of mistrust and disgust conservatives in North Carolina (and the entire nation) have toward Richard Burr. He has forfeited any credibility he may have once had with the people he is supposed to represent in the U.S. Senate.

        When I am serving the people of North Carolina in the U.S. Senate, they will know with absolute certainty they’ve elected a STRONG, SOLID, CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVE who will NEVER betray them as Richard Burr has done!

        Larry Holmquist

    2. If my choices were down to Richard Burr, or James B. Protzman, I’d have to vote for James B. Protzman.

      1. I doubt Protzman will make it to the general election and even if he did I expect Senator Burr would win reelection.

        North Carolina is proud of her two Senators and fortunate indeed to have two leaders on the cutting edge.

    3. Sorry, JBP, but “meaningful” DOES NOT INCLUDE extending the unconstitutional garbage that passes for “legislation of compromise” worked out with Democrats. Year after year we get MORE socialism, and LESS constitutionality. NO THANKS.

  2. No. This is the old Guard Establishment expressing their desire to hold on to relevancy. If they can’t grasp the idea of the voters wanting change, they need to go just like John Boehner.

  3. Burr has been a burr in the side of NC for years now. This statement is par for the course for Tricky Dick. Burr and the GOPe Washington Cartel are more invested in their own power than the rule of law and our kids and grandkids future. Will the NCGOP and the RNC call him out and censure him now? Will the Moore County GOP cancel Burr as their keynote speaker for their Reagan dinner? (These are rhetorical questions.)

  4. About 15 minutes ago Senator Burr’s DC office told me that he did not make that statement.

    I recommended Senator Burr release a public statement.

    I was told Senator Burr’s “press team” is handling the issue.

    Richard Carter Jr

    1. The AP is standing by its story. They say they got witnesses If you look at his record of saying oddball goofy things in public this makes sense.

      Oh yeah. Didn’t Burr just recently call for Cruz to be investigated? Sounds like he’s not a fan.

      1. If DC wasn’t closed because of the blizzard, I’d call him up and ask him to put this to rest by endorsing Cruz. ?

    1. I do believe massah Burr is upset because he had visions of President Grahamnesty and vice president MacCain dancing in his head.

  5. According to the key conservative ratings, Burr votes more often with Bernie Sanders on key issues than he does with Ted Cruz. Since he is ideologically closer to Sanders than Cruz, it is not surprising that he goes with his fellow leftie.

    Tricky Dick Burr has gone native in DC go far that there is no doubt in my mind that he said this and will do it. He got caught in a statement he did not expect to go public and is now trying to back out of it.

    All Cruz, Trump, and Carson voters need to take an ABB – Anybody But Burr – stance on March 15. Lets bring this beltway bozo home.

    1. I’m proud of my county Party for actively promoting Burr’s opponents. It takes guts to defy Party rules, unless of course, you work at 1506 Hillsborough Street where the rules don’t apply.

  6. “Thank goodness we have THREE other choices in the 2016 US Senate primary here in North Carolina”

    I personally hate that we have three choices and I wish these three guys would go off and spend a weekend together and decide who the other 2 are going to back

    too many choices will just split the vote and the same old same old will end up winning

  7. True or not, Richard Burr is an Establishment RINO, like all the rest.
    And the truth is, the Establishment RINOS are scared to death of Ted Cruz.
    Why? Because he’s one of the ONLY SENATORS who has the cahones to actually TRY to keep his campaign promises, and call that limp dick RINO Mitch McConnell a LIAR (which he most certainly is).
    So, Senator Dickie, you should be looking over your shoulder, as Americans (and North Carolina voters) have had enough of you kissing McConnell’s butt, and bending over and grabbing your ankles for Obama, you CHARLATAN!

  8. Dear US Senator Burr, how about not just retracting by saying you “will support the nominee” but include some particulars about how you are someone who loves this country and understands why North Carolinians are terrified about venomous ISIS being brought here to our backyards without immigrant vetting, about the cost of ACCESS (not actual but only access) to healthcare scaring off seasoned doctors and hapless patients, about the irresponsible debt ceiling climbing while our military is being shortchanged and girlyfied, etc. How can you compete, with your voting record, against patriots who will make a difference by overruling our current evil Marxist administration? Senator Burr, where is your commitment to our Founding Father’s ideals? Where is your righteous indignation for what is happening to a once proud sovereign nation? Where is your backbone!!

    Are you the same Richard Burr who:

    >>> Voted to fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty program;
    >>> Voted to fund Planned Parenthood;
    >>> Voted to fund ObamaCare;
    >>> Voted to debate the Second Amendment;
    >>> Voted to raise the debt ceiling 9 times;
    >>> Voted to raise taxes by $630 billion.

    And didn’t you vote to keep homegrown crops from being eaten because they aren’t inspected by the FDA – or am I wrong on this one?

    I plan to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon, a man of integrity who will do what it takes to restore our Republic.

  9. We have wonderful choices to defeat Burr. I like the pizza delivery guy although I am not sure which one he is. And Brannon is obviously a great choice as well as he knows the Constitution.

  10. The people of NC are fed up with the likes of Burr who votes continuously to support Obama’s destructive transformation of America and who refuses to listen to the voters they represent.
    Definition of a #DumbIdea: trying to prop up this DC insider as a conservative. Only mindless sheep would believe that Burr is a conservative. Sadly, there are plenty of them around.
    Reminder: the words Republican & Conservative are NOT synonymous.

    1. After this election maybe a definitive “definition” of conservative will be formulated. What is the acid test of being a conservative? Is there a 12-step program? An initiation process?

      Trump claims to be a conservative.
      Cruz claims to be a conservative.

      “Everybody wanta be a conservative but nobody wanta be a conservative.”

    2. Remember Mississippi is right.

      Scumbag Burr was one of the seven GOP US Senators led by Mitch McConnell who took money out of their own campaign funds to finance a dishonest race-baiting independent campaign to smear the conservative frontrunner in the primary runoff, State Senator Chris McDaniel in a way to get liberal black Democrats to improperly vote in the GOP primary for the Obama Republican candidate. Burr used $30,000 from his own campaign fund to help finance this despicable operation, and he has never even apologized for it. The Senate Conservatives Fund has dubbed Burr and the other six ”The Shameful Seven”.

      So that one can appropriately ”remember Mississippi” and the Burr-financed dirty tricks against conservatives there, here is an article from a major British newspaper that tells what it was that Burr and the other Shameful Seven paid for:


      What conservative in his right mind would ever give Burr a nickle when he uses those funds for things like that?

      1. spot on. It’s unfortunate conservatives have such little political memory. The RINO’s are unabashedly demorats. They must fascinated at how much they CAN fool the former gop base. (We are slowly catching on)

        1. We need to make Burr pay the political price in 2016 for his despicable dirty dealings in Mississippi in 2014. The chickens need to come back home to roost.

  11. Senate Conservatives Fund
    Richard Burr (R-NC)

    Fellow Conservative:

    We all know that the Republican establishment hates conservatives, but rarely do these Beltway elites admit it like Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) did yesterday.

    According to the Associated Press, Senator Burr told folks at a private fundraiser that he would vote for Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for president before he would vote for Ted Cruz (R-TX).

    Senator Burr denied the report, but the AP has a source who was in the room and is standing by its story. The source said Burr “did not appear to be joking.”

    And this isn’t really a surprise. Last year, Burr absurdly instructed his staff to investigate whether Cruz had leaked classified information during a debate in Las Vegas. Burr tried to walk that back too.

    So it seems that Senator Burr hates Ted Cruz so much for actually fighting for conservative principles in the Senate that he would prefer to elect a self-described “socialist” as President of the United States.

    It’s truly outrageous.

    Senator Burr has lost his way. If this wasn’t clear before, it is now.

    Please make a quick phone call to one of Senator Burr’s offices below and let him know what you think.
    Washington, DC – (202) 224-3154
    Asheville, NC – (828) 350-2437
    Gastonia, NC – (704) 833-0854
    Winston-Salem, NC – (336) 631-5125
    Wilmington, NC – (910) 251-1058
    Rocky Mount, NC – (252) 977-9522Tell him that if he supports a liberal socialist for president over a proven conservative, then he shouldn’t be surprised if Republican voters don’t support him in his election.

    If his office denies the report, ask them why he constantly votes with the Democrats on things like the omnibus bill and has a liberal “F” grade from Conservative Review.

    Senators like Richard Burr are the reason why so many Americans are fed up with Republicans in Washington, and they need to be replaced with conservatives who believe in our principles.

    Thank you for standing strong for freedom and holding our elected representatives accountable.

    Ken Cuccinelli II
    Ken Cuccinelli II
    Senate Conservatives Fund
    @KenCuccinelli / @SCF

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  12. Burr’$ DC office is open. Just called and they are in full denial. When asked why the AP reporter had not retracted the story, I got crickets. When I asked about Burr’s voting record being similar to Bernie’s, I got no response.

  13. I just checked Burr’s twitter feed. He has no statements there on this issue at all. And he still has nothing at all about this on his official Senator Richard Burr Facebook page. His Richard Burr politician FB page just has an article posted from the N & O saying he denies it. Where is his presser where he flat out says he didn’t say it? Crickets

    1. The snow storm is the big story. By the time the ice melts it will be forgotten and on to the next story.

    1. I still cannot understand not mounting a credible challenge to Tholl Rhoad Thom Thillis.

      I guess when the rubber meets the Rhoad the effort falls apart.

  14. I really do believe that Sen. Burr made the statement in the private fundraiser. It was probably one of those off the cuff remarks to be funny – I’d rather vote for Donald Duck! Fact is it really isn’t funny. I can’t really believe he would vote for Bernie. He’s caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. Hard to admit or deny.

    Having said that, I also believe Sen. Burr’s time in the Senate is way past over. He does not support the conservative beliefs that most NC Republicans vote for. I agree with Patrick – wish we had one good conservative choice in the primary to rally around.

    1. And on top of all that, and speaking as a veteran, his constituent service stinks on ice and his attention to veterans affairs isn’t any better. I’m amazed that such a vet-heavy state like NC would give this poser another term.

  15. Know what? I’m so fed up, I’d be willing to vote for a Democrat opponent to Tillis or Burr!
    At least I could count on the Democrat to keep their campaign promises: (kiss their Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama’s ass, and bend over and grab their ankles for his policies).
    In prison, if a prisoner farts, and the other prisoners hear it, they say: “must be, he’s still a virgin!”
    In Washington, they haven’t heard Burr and Tillis’ farts for a long time!

    1. Where are the credible Republican challengers to Burr? Where were they against Tillis?

      You can’t beat somebody with nobody.

      1. The problem with the Tillis race was TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE RACE 8 and Then on top of things Mark Harris got in the race and split the Conservative vote between him and Brannon just Brannon and Harris would have come up short by 4,817 votes but when you factor the whole ballot numbers change

        Even though the BOE gave the primary win to Tillis more Republicans voted against him in the primary 42,207 then voted for him

        This is Why The Three running against BURR have to team up together and choice ONE person to support in the Primary we cannot have three people trying to win against Burr in the primary this only makes sure he will win again and this would be very bad for NC

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