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The Left: 1st black president is RACIST

      Glenn Beck said it, and got berated.  Now, Barry’s leftist comrades are turning on him for recent comments he made out on the campaign trail: Facing an uproar from President Obama’s most loyal base of supporters, the White House on Thursday rejected claims that Mr. Obama stereotyped…

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Walter Jones has worn out his welcome

I used to be impressed with the 3rd congressional district’s Walter Jones (RINO).   While serving in the state legislature as a Democrat, he frequently broke with the leftist majority in his caucus on key votes.  He lost to Democrat Eva Clayton in a primary…

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North Dakota: America’s Saudi Arabia?

Fox News has been running a series on how “renewable energy” / “sustainable” / “green” energy companies have been scooping up tons of funding from the federal government with little to show for all of that investment from taxpayers.  We’ve been bombarded with stories about…

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State pushing land deal that could benefit Bev’s son, Dem politicos

    The Associated Press is reporting that the state is offering an economic development package to an industry that includes land owned by a team that includes a Democrat state senator and one of Boss Bev’s appointees: A state lawmaker and a group of…

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Marcum: Pinehurst village government a lot like D.C.

Pinehurst mayoral candidate John Marcum told potential supporters at an in-home meet-and-greet Friday night that Pinehurst village government has been engaging in budget-busting and a lack of transparency akin to what we’ve been seeing in Washington. Marcum told his audience that Pinehurst’s passion for forcibly…

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Pinehurst Village Govt: Who’s in Charge?

This is how it is supposed to work: We elect a mayor and council to oversee the work of  local government staff to ensure staff is (1) acting in accordance with good ethics and the law, (2) making wise use of taxpayer money, and (3)…

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Dem hack throws Boss Bev under the bus

I was watching “The Five,” which is the panel discussion show replacing Glenn Beck on Fox News, on Wednesday.  Democrat consultant Bob Beckel, who managed Walter Mondale’s disastrous 1984 presidential campaign, is one of the regular leftist contributors to the discussions. On Wednesday’s show, as…

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‘Soak The Rich’ is drying up

Warren Buffett and his pal BarryO have tried to sell Americans on this concept of jacking up tax rates for upper income Americans.  Here in Moore County, local leftist gadfly Dusty Rhoades tried hard to do the same in his regular column for our thrice-weekly…

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Berger: PLEASE don’t cancel 2012 NC Gov election

        I am sure North Carolina Republicans are sitting back and enjoying some rare bad publicity for Madame Governor.   State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) put out this gem in a statement Wednesday: “In light of Gov. Perdue’s support…

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So, now we’re going with “out-of-context”?

    It appears that Madame Governor keeps her press office in a constant state of turmoil.  Back when we had all of those tornadoes, her damage-control team could not decide whether she was IN RALEIGH solving problems or enjoying A HORSE RACE IN KENTUCKY….