Nearly $4 billion of OUR money to import the Middle East / Third World mess OVER HERE

That was the dirty little secret ingredient of the insidious foreign aid bill Congress just rammed down our throats:

Tucked away in the $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is a $3.5 billion slush fund to open new processing centers for Muslim migrants, in what Sen. Eric Schmitt described as a bid to “supercharge mass migration from the Middle East.” […]

As a reminder, ALL of our congressional delegation — except Ted Budd and Dan Bishop — voted FOR this.   “Leadership” always, always, always trumps the wants and needs of the folks back home.  *Silly me, I always thought WE were supposed to be the leadership.*


[…] And as Breitbart points out, the $95 billion package does not include any funds to help rebuild America’s border defenses against illegal migration – but it does contain $481 million to settle migrants in US cities, and of course, the $3.5 billion to expand migration programs worldwide.

The $3.5 billion was granted to the Department of State, which works with many international groups that feed and transport migrants on their way to the United States.

Biden’s deputies are now using the refugee programs as an adjunct to their diversity-expandingequity” migration policy. For example, Biden’s deputies used the program in March to import 3,009 migrants from the safe and democratic countries of El Salvador and Guatemala.

They are also using the refugee funds to expand migration routes from many African and Muslim countries. In March, they pulled in 12,018 people from the Congo, plus 16,732 migrants from the Muslim countries of Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, and Eritrea, according to a report by


According to an April 23 release from the Biden DHS visa-granting agency, “The Biden-Harris administration set the refugee admissions ceiling for fiscal year 2024 at 125,000 refugees,” adding “With the opening of the Doha Field Office on May 7, 2024, and the Ankara Field Office on May 9, 2024, USCIS will have 11 international field offices. Other international field offices include Beijing; Guangzhou, China; Guatemala City; Havana; Mexico City; Nairobi, Kenya; New Delhi; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras.”

So – we have the US government encouraging migration, both legal and illegal – which hurts low-income Americans the most, while neglecting to the borders. Seems we’ve learned nothing from Europe.

So, in a matter of months, it will be quite possible that we’ll be able to see the Third World chaos portrayed on TV reports from the BBC, CNN, and FOX in living color in our own cities and towns.

*Ain’t democracy grand?*