Burr gives Hagan cover on Internet sales tax





I am sure the GOP game plan against Kay Hagan for 2014 is to attack her for being a liberal extremist.  But HOW do you do that when our state’s REPUBLICAN senator is voting right along with her on several key issues.  Winston-Salem’s Richard “Tricky Dick” Burr has held all kinds of joint events with Hagan — affectionately known in these parts as NY senator Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet — and voted right along with her on things like gays in the military, women in combat, gun control and NOW taxing sales of goods conducted over the Internet.   (Renee Ellmers, another “Republican” from North Carolina, is right there with Burr and Hagan.)

Yes, the US Senate has voted to force Internet businesses to become unpaid tax collectors for the states.  Proponents claim this is only aimed at major retailers.  Of course, they also told us Obama would ONLY raise taxes on THE RICH and that ObamaCare would lower medical costs.  

eBay has fought hard against this legislation, inappropriately named “The Marketplace Fairness Act.’‘   If you believe in the invisible hand of the free market, how do you make the market FAIR?  You can try by inserting the heavy hand of the state into the whole process.  People who sell goods on eBay stores could be held responsible for collecting and paying sales tax for transactions with customers from SCORES of states. Many of those entrepreneurships are home-based, lower-overhead operations.   This sounds like a really good way to put these people out of business — thrusting them into the *warm* embrace of the welfare state.

Proponents defend the proposal by citing support for Internet sales taxes by conservative economist Arthur Laffer.  If you read what Laffer has written, he says the practice could be justified if it is done in conjunction with cutting income tax rates.     How likely is THAT to happen — at the state or federal level?

We DON’T have a revenue problem.  We have a spending problem.  Government takes WAY too much from us as it is.  Scale government back.  Cut our taxes, and let us make decisions about how best to spend our money.  That sounds like a great way to spur an economic recovery.    It’s a shame we STILL have to explain this to SOME Republican officeholders. 


9 thoughts on “Burr gives Hagan cover on Internet sales tax

    1. He had one in 2012. People weren’t paying attention. Not sure there’s reason to think they are now, either, although the better informed NC gunowner groups seem to have wised up to Burr thanks to his cloture vote. The silence from Burr on the Amnesty bill should alarm a lot of folks, also.
      My take on Burr….he’s either tone deaf to what the folks back home want or he’s not running again and so he doesn’t care. Doubt he’ll be seen in Charlotte next month and he’d probably be wise to avoid the convention anyway.

  1. BOTH of them SHOULD BE voted OUT of office. THIS is the reason. And to think a couple years ago I liked both of them more than expected. Burr is now an official extreme disappointment. Hagan votes 96% with Obongo.

  2. They BOTH must go. A dopey liberal Dem and even dopier RINO. Time for a change. Let’s save NC!

  3. They BOTH must go! A dopy lib Democrat and dopier RINO. Let save NC and throw both of them OUT!

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