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A nasty, post-election lame duck surprise

Remember the whole debate over letting states impose sales taxes on Internet businesses?    Well, it will be back AFTER the November election.  Yep. All of those folks fresh off of facing the voters — including some losers — will be voting on whether to…

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Burr gives Hagan cover on Internet sales tax

      I am sure the GOP game plan against Kay Hagan for 2014 is to attack her for being a liberal extremist.  But HOW do you do that when our state’s REPUBLICAN senator is voting right along with her on several key issues….

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Auditing Mr. Bouser on Internet sales taxes

The Pilot, our local newspaper, runs unsigned staff editorials in each edition — much like many other papers across the country.  (Steve Bouser, The Pilot’s nearly-retired editor, writes most all of the unsigned editorials.) Mr. Bouser is a reliable leftist — surely making his bosses,…