Lefties seem nervous about Kay Hagan’s prospects

sock puppet



It’s a year before the primary vote to pick a GOP challenger to North Carolina’s “Accidental Senator.”™    No GOP candidate has officially filed for the race.  People are just getting to know Greg Brannon.  Thom Tillis is quietly raising money and holding weekly teleconferences with local party chairmen.  A couple of others are being talked about as potential GOP contenders.  But the lefty cabal dominating our mainstream media (MSM) is truly acting like Kay Hagan’s days are numbered.  They have taken to battle stations and are hauling out everything they can to prop up our junior US senator — affectionately known around these parts as Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) sock puppet.

Durham-based Democrat consulting firm Public Policy Polling has released a poll “showing” that  Kay Hagan’s vote FOR background checks for gun buyers has “helped”  her.   Has it really?

If you ask the average person on the street if a background check should be run on that slobbering, drooling,  maniacally-giggling Charles Manson lookalike  before he is sold a gun, you’re going to get overwhelming support for background checks.  But  ask people if they support giving government broad new powers to look into your background just so you can partake of a specifically-protected constitutional right, you’re likely to get a different result.

The media and their lefty comrades are exploiting those dead children in Newtown, Conn.  for all they’re worth as part of the overall plan to chip away at Americans’ Second Amendment rights.  A handful of lefties drove up to New Hampshire from Connecticut to harass US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), a gun rights supporter and opponent of background checks.  The media jumped all over this, including lots of footage of a crying relative of one of the Newtown victims.

All of that effort tugs at the heart-strings and provides great TV, but one important question is not being asked.  HOW COULD BACKGROUND CHECKS HAVE PREVENTED NEWTOWN?  The suspect’s mother — who had NO criminal record — legally purchased her guns and properly used them and stored them.  Her mentally-handicapped son killed her, stole her guns, and then committed the school massacre.  Should you be blocked from buying a gun if you have a disabled person living in your home? 

This federal Violence Against Women Act that just got passed through Congress has amended the definition of domestic violence to include comments that hurt your spouse’s feelings.  So, if you say something ugly to your spouse, you CAN be convicted of domestic violence.  Federal law — and many state laws — bar people convicted of domestic violence from purchasing firearms.   Have a nasty argument with your wife, and lose your right to legally bear arms.  

There was recently a high-profile murder in Raleigh where a young woman was brutally murdered in her home by an acquaintance armed with a knife.  Background checks for gun-buyers would not have saved her life.  If she would have had a loaded gun in the house, her life might have been saved (or the taxpayers might have been spared the expense of a trial for the murderer).

Who would conduct these background checks?  WHAT behavioral parameters would be set to allow — or disallow — someone to purchase a gun?   Let’s say you underwent counseling to help you cope with a death in the family or a divorce.  Does that counseling prevent you from EVER buying a gun?  Will the employees at Wal-Mart or the local sheriff’s department have access to the notes from your counseling sessions? 

We’ve had bulletins from the Department of Homeland Security warning local law enforcement to keep an eye on Tea Partiers and evangelical Christians.  A local sheriff has recently been quoted urging his constituents to alert him of any neighbors who say they don’t like the government.   So, would disapproval of the government leviathan or possessing strong Christian faith disqualify you from exercising your Second Amendment rights?

THIS background check nonsense WILL not save Kay Hagan, if people start really thinking about it.  The NCGOP and RNC should ensure that people see what’s behind the curtain on these background checks.

The best strategy for attacking Hagan — one she can’t jump back in the sock drawer and hide from — is her fervent support for ObamaCare.  That’s right, ObamaCare.   It is already killing our economy.  Employers are cutting hours and laying off employees to protect themselves from this disaster.   Full-time jobs are getting harder and harder to find.  Businesses are sitting on expansion plans — waiting until they can see for themselves the damage this monstrosity will inflict and what it will truly cost.  Kay Hagan needs to be viciously punished at the ballot box in November 2014 for subjecting us with the fiscal nightmare known as ObamaCare.