Let’s see. Blocking incompetents from voting is — CONTROVERSIAL ???


Yep.  I find that hard to believe, as well.  We’ve documented the story about mentally-handicapped people being hauled to the polls on election day to “cast votes.”

There is a new effort afoot in the NC General Assembly to make it harder for folks to haul mentally challenged folks to the polls to vote.   Jay DeLancey, head of the Voter Integrity Project, has been fighting the good fight against vote fraud in North Carolina for some time now.  He is worried about the fate of this current legislation:

“We can all shake our heads about this abuse of the most fragile among our
population or we can light up the phone lines.  One speaker at the April 10
hearing on this bill said his daughter didn’t know the difference between Obama, Romney
or Mickey Mouse.  But her vote — or rather the second vote of Nurse Ratchet
from her group home —  counted!  This will be an easy bill
to pass, but not if the GOP-controlled legislature  refuses to take a vote on it.

The law would bring North Carolina in line with South Carolina and other states who protect the
court-ordered mentally incompetent from having their health care providers
steal their votes. ”

Jay says friendly sources on Jones Street tell him all signs point to the leadership being uncomfortable with this legislation:

“Senate Leadership has banished it to the Rules Committee which is about like
turning your child over to Social Services — meaning we will probably never
see it again.”