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Voting watchdog detects potential monkey-business in on-going pursuit of McCrae Dowless

    In the wake of the 2018 race for the 9th congressional district, we were bombarded with drive-by reports and caterwauling from Democrats and GOPe types alike about how one McCrae Dowless nearly single-handedly stole the election for Republican Mark Harris.   Harris and…

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(We got Mail!) State elections board staff caught lobbying FOR illegal aliens?

        Kelly Tornow is the associate general counsel for the North Carolina State board of elections.  It looks like Jay DeLancy and the team at the Voter Integrity Project have outed her playing lobbyist.  Here’s DeLancy:   From: Jay Delancy [] Sent: Wednesday,…

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Sources: GOPer Jack Moody has ‘a hell of a good basis for appeal’ of state elections board ruling on Robeson County

  We talked with several JD-bearing observers who characterized today’s ruling on vote fraud allegations in Robeson County as little more than naked, vicious power politics with very little basis in the law.  Robeson County was one of two counties in the Ninth Congressional District…

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The Round Rev: Stop checking ID. Stop purging voter lists. (START bringing PIZZA.)

We here in Moore County were blessed by the presence of His Roly-Poliness yesterday.  Bill Barber has fought long and hard against requiring ID to vote. Supporters say it helps clamp down on fraud.  Barber says it is a racist practice that singles out minorities….

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VIP’s DeLancy: OKing ballots from dead folks NOT COOL

We posted earlier about a bill — inspired by Mark Harris’ late father — allowing ballots cast early by people who die before the actual election day to be counted.  House speaker Thom Tillis — and two other GOP legislators — introduced the bill.  Jay…

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#NCGA: Who is trying to kill new vote fraud investigator positions?

Jay DeLancy, executive director of The Voter Integrity Project, has been a true warrior in the fight to clean up elections in North Carolina.  He’s never minced words in pushing his group’s agenda in Raleigh.  Now, he’s calling SHENANIGANS on one of the latest budget…

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NAACP going after NC-based anti-vote fraud group

    Boy, how things change.  One of the missions of the NAACP’s founders was to protect the integrity of elections and people’s right to vote.  In 2014, the civil rights group is gunning for the Raleigh-based Voter Integrity Project.  Jay DeLancy, VIP’s executive director,…

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Supporters of strong voter ID laws seek grassroots help in “fixing” measure that passed NC House

          There’s a new video out floating around that raises some serious questions about the strength of the voter ID bill that recently passed the GOP-controlled state House.   There’s also a companion web site, called Fix589 that makes the case for…

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Let’s see. Blocking incompetents from voting is — CONTROVERSIAL ???

Yep.  I find that hard to believe, as well.  We’ve documented the story about mentally-handicapped people being hauled to the polls on election day to “cast votes.” There is a new effort afoot in the NC General Assembly to make it harder for folks to…

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Here are my United Federation of Planets credentials. Can I vote NOW?

          Thom Tillis and his team in the state House have pushed through a voter ID bill, but Jay DeLancey is NOT IMPRESSED: First, security. The law abandons the secure production process used by the DMV and instead adopts uncontrollable production…