Supporters of strong voter ID laws seek grassroots help in “fixing” measure that passed NC House







There’s a new video out floating around that raises some serious questions about the strength of the voter ID bill that recently passed the GOP-controlled state House.   There’s also a companion web site, called Fix589 that makes the case for adding teeth to the legislation ushered through the House — and heralded — by Speaker Thom Tillis and his leadership team:

THE PROBLEM:  As passed by the North Carolina House, HB 589 is seriously flawed! It will not stop any organized criminal voter fraud programs. In fact, the Beaufort Observer called the bill a “Fake” Voter ID Bill.  Here’s why:

      • The law allows expired driver’s licenses to be used as voter id. Learn more
      • The law allows up to 500 different types of id cards to be used as voter id. Learn more
      • The law will not be enforced until after the 2014 election. Learn more

THE SOLUTION:  The bill now goes to the North Carolina Senate, where it must be fixed.  It will most likely come up for a vote in the Senate in June.  Here’s how we think HB 589 can be fixed:

      • Allow only the following as valid id:  unexpired driver’s license or non-operator’s license, valid military id (with proof of residency), current US passport (with proof of residency)
      • Any voter who does not have one of these valid IDs will still be able to vote, but must sign an affidavit attesting to their identity.  Affidavits will include a digital photograph that will be taken at the polls.  This affidavit will become a part of the public record and will be retained for a minimum of 22 months (as ballots are already retained).

The site urges readers to contact their legislators and demand these changes.  Here are a few links to let you know the names of the senators and, specifically, who represents YOU.

4 thoughts on “Supporters of strong voter ID laws seek grassroots help in “fixing” measure that passed NC House

  1. Just curious … Who are the current members of Thom Tillis’s leadership team in the NC House?

  2. In the last legislative session, Tillis demanded that the Voter ID bill be substantially weakened and watered down. When its sponsors declined to do so, he refused to schedule it for an override vote. That vote would have been a win – win for Republicans, as it either would have passed or some Democrats would have had to take an unpopular vote that could have been used in the campaign against them. Still Tillis refused to call a vote. Now, Republicans have a super majority and a Republican governor, and no worries about veto, and the issue is extremely popular with the public. Still Tillis pressures House members to weaken and water down the bill to the point that it is virtually worthless. The question needs to be asked is ”Why is Tillis in the real world doing everything he can against REAL Voter ID when he claims to be for it? Tillis is two faced and not honest about his politics. This is just one more in a long list of reasons that we need him GONE as House Speaker, and we certainly don’t need to even think of this worthless liberal as a US Senate candidate.

  3. despite his self analysis, Thom Tillis is NOT a Conservative and will NOT be elected Senator. Tillis has some lessons to be learned.

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