Video suggests apparent RNC hijinks by NC’s Ada Fisher




Grassroots activists with Carolina Liberty PAC have released a video suggesting that Dr. Ada Fisher — one of North Carolina’s two committee members on the Republican National Committee — has been telling the folks back home one thing while doing something totally different in front of the committee itself.

At the 2012 Republican National Convention, there was a huge uproar over a rules change, pushed through by national party leaders, that minimized the states’ power to name their own delegates to the national convention.

In December 2012, the North Carolina GOP executive committee passed a resolution directing the state’s representatives to the RNC to push for a reversal of the rules changes at the 2012 convention.

Fast forward to April of this year, when the RNC was holding one of its regular meetings.  Virginia committeeman Morton Blackwell — a well-respected, legendary conservative movement leader — offered up a resolution reversing the 2o12 national convention rules changes.  (Exactly what the NCGOP executive committee wanted!)

The linked video shows Fisher speaking in support of nullifying the 2012 rules changes, but then VOTING TO KEEP THEM IN PLACE.  Blackwell’s resolution failed by a vote of 25 for, 28 against.

Carolina Liberty PAC has also released emails where Fisher claims she fought for, and voted for, the reversal of the 2012 rules changes — like the NCGOP executive committee and grassroots asked her to do.   But the linked video apparently shows something different.

Watch the linked video for yourself.  The emails cited in the video can be found HERE and HERE.

The evidence shown in the video and emails  is troubling.  We’ve been big fans of Dr. Fisher.  Hopefully, there is a credible, logical explanation for this.  

7 thoughts on “Video suggests apparent RNC hijinks by NC’s Ada Fisher

  1. Maybe she’s practicing the age old “I had to vote for it before I could vote against it”

  2. I voted for Dr. Fischer this past election of RNC delegates. I had confidence in her. That confidence has been betrayed now, and after seeing this evidence, I can never again place my trust and faith in her. She will never again get my vote. We need to send her home.

  3. It looks like she has some ‘splaing to do! Has anyone asked for her response? This is VERY troubling.

  4. I’ve been betrayed. Not the first, and sure not the last, but didn’t see that one coming. Should have known something was up when she missed the Robin Hayes Show in Tampa.

    1. At the 13th, the ex comm members had already been informed about her lies about her vote due to one of the activists out there giving them the information via handout at a meeting about a week before their convention. Her tune was quite different when she spoke at the 12th district convention, in which she stood up in front of everyone & declared that she stood for the grassroots & voted with the grassroots. Everyone there, other than a few who knew different, was under the impression, after hearing her, that she voted for the Blackwell amendment.

      In this video, she is also misleading about what Blackwell’s amendment did. The resolution that the NC ex comm passed did more than Blackwell’s amendment… but his was a step in the right direction anyway & addressed part of what NC’s resolution called for. His amendment was to revert rules 1-11 & 13-25 back to their pre-2012 form. If somehow Ada thinks that all of a sudden doing that would unbind all delegates, then where were all those unbound rogue delegates at the 2008 & 2012 conventions? NC only had SOME delegates unbound because their candidates released them. That would not change so to claim that that’s the reason she voted against is purposefully misleading – especially when she then voted FOR the Jeff Johnson amendment, which SPECIFICALLY did AWAY with the 2012 form of rule 16 a 1 – the very part which she claims she had a problem with! The double speak & attempts to confuse people are too much from this lady!

      It is also misleading that she keeps going around acting like she did us some big favor with the presidential “veto powers” ordeal, by voting for the Henry Barbour amendment. Henry Barbour & John Ryder themselves, when arguing for the Barbour amendment, stated that the presidential veto aspect was ALREADY fixed prior to the vote in TAMPA – and that the purpose of their amendment was just to clarify that much. ie the vote on the 16a2 amendment was a symbolic gesture. Quit “spitting on the grassroots & telling us it’s raining,” Ada!!

      I consider all of the nitty gritty about this rule amendment or that to simply be a distraction from the fact that she misrepresented her actions to the ex comm right after taking a “no” vote on the one amendment everyone was looking to her to stand with us on.

  5. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I will never support you again, Dr. Fisher

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