NC-13: Kelly quits, Brad’s REAL mission

There’s been a growing, disturbing trend in North Carolina politics of sending people off to DC after they’ve failed to secure a majority of the vote.  It happened with Ted Budd during his first election to the US House.  (The Boy Lobbyist over in the Sixth Congressional District got 26.1 percent.)  It appears to be happening again in the newly-configured Thirteenth:

In a surprise move, Kelly Daughtry suspended her campaign for the Republican nomination for the 13th District US House. Daughtry made the announcement Thursday on her Facebook page.

“I am grateful and appreciate for the outpouring of support we received in the March 5th primary election. We won five of eight counties in Congressional District 13. We placed first against thirteen other honorable conservative candidates. Since the March 5th primary, we have received the endorsement of over 60 current and former elected officials, republican party leaders, and grassroots activists. I’m so thankful for their support and faith in my candidacy to be their congresswoman. There is no way that we would have accomplished such a victory without their faithful support. To those who have stuck their necks on the line for me, I will always have your back and appreciate your support.”

“My campaign staff, supporters, and volunteers have demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment over the past months. Their tireless efforts have been instrumental in our historic victory. I want to publicly acknowledge and thank them for their hard work and dedication.”

“As a candidate, it is my duty to be transparent and honest with my team, supporters, and the voters. In light of President Trump’s endorsement of Brad Knott for the Congressional seat in District 13, it has become clear that a pathway to victory is no longer feasible. I believe in the democratic process and respect the endorsement of our President.”

“The time has now come to suspend my campaign. Although I will no longer be a candidate, I will not stop using my voice for the things I believe in. I will focus on conservative voter registration operations and supporting the nominated conservative judicial candidates running in November,” Daughtry stated online.

“Brad Knott will be the Republican nominee on May 14th. I extend my congratulations to him and wish him well. Brad has my full endorsement, and I want him to know that I am here to support him, not to oppose him. It is time we bring the Republican Party together. I have asked my supporters to formally support Brad’s campaign. Likewise, I have spoken with Brad and know he will advocate and fight for the entire District. We are all on the same team and I hope that the ending of my campaign at this time will show and foster our unity as a party. The future of our republic is too important to be divided by inter-party politics. I have always been a staunch conservative Republican, and I will continue to support the Republican nominee. It is time for us to redirect our resources and focus on countering the liberal democrats who threaten our nation. Brad needs to conserve his resources and concentrate on strengthening the US House majority for Speaker Mike Johnson and the NRCC,” Daughtry stated. […]

Actually,  Brad’s actual mission is to go to Washington and do what he told the voters he would do.

His mission is also to represent the interests of the folks back home and NOT some congressman from Louisiana nor that special-interest shakedown vehicle aka and dba The NRCC.  (The NRCC is run by North Carolina’s own Rich Hudson, who answers first and foremost to House “leadership.”  Rich is notorious for things like fabricating a sham business so he could campaign as a “small businessman,” and apparently photoshopping images of himself, his wife, and kid in front of local landmarks to create the illusion that he and his family actually live here in Moore County. )

Good luck, Brad.  We’ve been pulling for you.  Given North Carolina’s recent track record of electing congress-critters, we’re not expecting much.  Please be a pleasant surprise.  Let Dan Bishop – on his way out the door for Raleigh – show you how it’s done.