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Oh, look. A Muslim terror plot foiled in Cary.

The North Carolina Democrat Party, and their sycophant servants in the driveby media have been working overtime to convince us that all of these Muslims flooding into our country are harmless little fuzzballs who mean us no harm.  Look what turned up in Wake County: …

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Peace, Love & Molotov cocktails (Aah, smell the tolerance.)

Supposedly, we on the right are the haters, the violent ones.  Yet, who does all the rioting and fighting in the streets?  Supposedly, we on the right are the ones who want to stifle free speech and independent thought.  The People’s Republic of Orange County…

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“Due Process is What’s Killing Us Right Now.”

Yes.  Those words came out of the mouth of a sitting US senator: During the June 16 airing of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, gun control Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) let his mask slip by expressing frustration that due process is preventing the pursuit of more gun…

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When things go south, blame the inanimate object. (It’s so much easier.)

Rush Limbaugh likes to joke about driveby headlines such as this: ‘SUV crashes into building, kills two.’  Really?  Was this a “Knight Rider” or ‘Herbie the Love Bug” type thing?  No one was driving?  Computers are great things.  In the hands of people with integrity…

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Takeaways from Orlando

Things have not been so magical in Orlando over the last 24 hours.  Ever since a Muslim fanatic shot up a gay bar in that Florida city, all kinds of drivebys and politicos have been trying to put some kind of spin on the tragedy….

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#nc-03: Jones, Syria and THE REST OF THE STORY

We’ve heard all kinds of coverage of this Syria refugee bill pushed through the Congress in response to the Paris terror attacks.  We heard about 47 Democrats joining the Republican majority, while TWO Republicans voted NO.  Who were the two?  Steve King of Iowa and…

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Bergdahl: Did Obama PAY $$$ for his release?

The exchange of FIVE Taliban fighters for ONE US soldier (reportedly a deserter) is one hot topic of discussion these days.  Folks in both parties all over Capitol Hill are suggesting Obama broke the law by not briefing them on the prisoner swap beforehand.  Kay…

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Educrats say the darndest things ….

        When you’ve spent 40 years inside the state bureaucracy, it’s understandable that your world-view might be a little disjointed. DPI secretary June Atkinson never ceases to amaze — EVERY time she opens her mouth:  Myrtle Grove Christian School, which recently adopted a…

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One more point to silence the “assassination” crowd

  Followers of Ron Paul, Walter Jones, Dennis Kucinich and others on the far-left of the spectrum have been up in arms over the recent successful drone strike on terrorist masterminds Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. Both somehow got American passports, and spent time in…

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Former U.S. AG addresses leftist whining about “assassination” of terrorists

    Michael Mukasey, a distinguished former federal judge and George W. Bush’s final attorney general, had a great piece in today’s Wall Street Journal tackling whining by Ron Paul, Walter Jones and their comrades about the “assassination” of terrorist mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki: The elimination…