“Due Process is What’s Killing Us Right Now.”

Yes.  Those words came out of the mouth of a sitting US senator:download (9)

During the June 16 airing of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, gun control Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) let his mask slip by expressing frustration that due process is preventing the pursuit of more gun control.

Manchin made a name for himself by opposing the NRA and pushing new gun controls for law-abiding citizens in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. He spent months pushing for an expansion of background checks, even though he admitted the checks would not have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy.

During his Thursday appearance on Morning Joe, Manchin pushed for more gun control via terror watchlists and other such mechanisms, but said due process stabiggovtnds in the way.

Manchin talked about his hopes that there could be bipartisan support for gun control, then said:

The problem that we have, and really the firewall that we have right now, is due process. It’s all due process. So we can all say we want the same thing, but how do we get there? … The shooter in Orlando was brought in twice by the FBI. They did everything they could … but there was no way for them to keep him on the NICS list or keep him off the gun buy list. So can’t we say if a person’s under suspicion there should be a five-year period that we have to see good behavior [before they can buy a gun]? Maybe we can come to that kind of agreement. But due process is what’s killing us right now.[…] 

Feeling that chill up your spine?  This is not some kook talking.  This is the former governor of West Virginia — not exactly Massachusetts or California — who currently represents his state in the US Senate.  He is one of the more conservative members of the Democrat caucus — regularly venturing over to the GOP side of the fence.  But, wait there’s more: 

[…] Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele was on the show and asked what Manchin plans to do for people who already own guns but “may appear on the list” in the future? Manchin talked about honoring the Second Amendment right to own a gun, then suggested a confiscation mechanism to take guns away from people who come under suspicion.

Got that?  “A confiscation mechanism to take guns away from people who come under suspicion.”   We’re not talking about people arrested for or convicted of crimes here. download (8)We’re talking about people who “come under suspicion” by government authorities.  *Holy Soviet Union, Batman!*

These watch lists are secret, and there is no real metric for determining how you get placed on them.  (Can someone simply say ‘That Clifton guy with that website creeps me out. You need to keep an eye on him.”  And BAM! — I’m on a terrorist watchlist?)   There have been all kinds of cases where people have accidentally been placed on them.

It’s amazing this discussion has gotten this far on Capitol Hill — given that is firmly under control of the supposed, alleged conservative party.  Some of the most notorious, horrific acts of terror and mass murder in this country in recent years have been committed through the use of fertilizer, pressure cookers, box cutters, and airplanes.  Crack down on gun purchases, and these maniacs will simply find something else to accomplish their mission with. 

It’s incredibly disturbing that this guy is not receiving a verbal beat-down from a majority of our “leaders” in DC.  Due process is one of the most important founding elements of our country.

Folks, this is getting downright scary.  I think we are ON OUR OWN here.

8 thoughts on ““Due Process is What’s Killing Us Right Now.”

  1. The quickest way to kill it off is to demand that elected officials have skin in the game.

    “No person on a terrorist watch list may run for an elected political office, serve a term of a political office or be a member of a state bar .”

    That will make it die a quick death.

  2. Manchin is a good exhibit on why gun rights voters should ignore NRA endorsements and look to more dependable gun rights groups like Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights.

    When Manchin was first elected, he was in a neck and neck race with a conservative who was a very solid supporter of gun rights. Manchin was wishy-washy on gun rights but expedient enough in the press of the campaign to tell the NRA enough that they endorsed him to show they supported some Democrats over the more dependably pro-gun Republican. As a result Manchin produced an iconic ad shooting a gun and touting his NRA endorsement, which led him to pull away in the campaign. Manchin has been a thorn in the side of gun rights ever since.

    Manchin is not a solitary case. There are many more weak links like Manchin on the NRA endorsement lists. NRA prostitutes itself to incumbents, and if there is no incumbent, then to the establishment. As a sitting governor, Manchin was establishment.

    GOA and NAGR, on the other hand, support the candidate who is strongest for gun rights, and if both candidates are strong for gun rights, they do not pick sides.

  3. The Senate is a real cesspool of liberalism, and it is not just the Democrats, although Senators like Manchin are a real threat to liberty. We have too many Republicans who are not standing up for the principles of our party and its voters. We don’t even have to look beyond the NC delegation to see that problem.

    So what to do? It has been a long time since we have had a GOP US Senate nominee in NC that conservative voters could get excited about and enthusiastically contribute to or work for.

    The answer is to adopt an exciting conservative Senate candidate in another state who is a solid conservative and can make a difference, and become a contributor in that state’s Senate race. It may be a solid conservative incumbent up for reelection like Utah’s Mike Lee who was under threat of an establishment primary challenge, but so many conservatives around the country rushed to his defense financially that the establishment backed off. It may be a solid conservative congressman like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who is seeking to move up to an open GOP-held US Senate seat. DeSantis was one of those who helped bring down John Boehner.

    But for 2016, I would suggest that the best option is a solid black conservative who has the potential to capture a Democrat held Senate seat in Colorado. Darryl Glenn is a small businessman, retired air force officer, and two term county commissioner in Colorado’s most populous county. He is also a Constitutional conservative who checks all the boxes for conservatives on issues. Glenn has been endorsed by Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and the Senate Conservatives Fund. Getting on the primary ballot through the convention process in Colorado requires 30% delegate support at the state GOP convention. Thanks to enthusiastic backing of grassroots conservatives, both Cruz and Trump supporters, Glenn received 70% support of convention delegates and no other Senate candidate qualified based on convention votes. Several others have gotten on the ballot via the alternate petition route, however. Mitch McConnell and the establishment have their own dog in the primary fight and are showering him with money.

    Colorado is one of the toss up seats where a Democrat incumbent is rated as vulnerable. It would be great to replace a liberal Democrat with black Constitutional conservative Darryl Glenn.

    If you want to help Darryl Glenn, his website is http://www.electdarrylglenn.com .

    Frankly, I find Darryl Glenn a heck of a lot more exciting than Richard Burr.

  4. It’s crazy and disturbing how many political leaders on both sides are so comfortable with throwing away basic, fundamental ideas of what freedom and liberty means.

    It’s (1) disgusting, and (2) quite sad that our populace generally doesnt care, or even know “why” this is wrong.

    1. Look no further than Richard Burr, who has been busily collaborating with DIANE FEINSTEIN to eliminate our 4th Amendment rights.

      1. Yep, /agree.

        It’s not like we havent known about Burr (and Tillis, for that matter). They’ve made it clear who and what they both are, and the response from voters has been supportive enough to keep putting their ilk in office regardless.

  5. Washington DC is totally lawless! The solution to lawlessness is THE LAW! No one goes to jail in Washington!
    Their is a national movement to reestablish the Common Law and Common Law Grand Jury which comes from Magna Carte 801 years ago and was in our Judiciary System for 75 years. (Until the Civil War.)
    The Law B.A.R. (British Accreditation Registry) has removed the Common Law Jury and corrupted our Judiciary System.
    A Supreme Court decision of 1992, US v. Williams in which Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion brought this into the light.
    See: http://www.NationalLibertyAlliance.org

  6. Yes, it does look like Richard Burr is trying to kill due process and our 2nd Amendment rights:


    Burr says he is for ”no fly / no buy”. He wants to turn over to Obama regime bureaucrats and political hacks the power to add Americans to lists that would take away their 2nd Amendment rights. How could that possibly go wrong? Hasn’t he followed the Obama regime’s abuse of the IRS for political purposes? Was he too busy going to cocktail parties in DC?

    With Burr so in the tank for the Obama regime and its oppression of the American people, do North Carolina voters have anyone to vote for in our Senate race this November?

    Tricky Dick Burr wants to let the terrorists win by responding to the Orlando terrorist attack by taking away the Constitutional rights of law abiding American citizens. He is beneath contempt. Instead of stopping Obama bringing in more Muslims, Burr wants to deprive Americans of the ability to defend themselves in the next terrorist attack.

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