When things go south, blame the inanimate object. (It’s so much easier.)

download (7)Rush Limbaugh likes to joke about driveby headlines such as this: ‘SUV crashes into building, kills two.’  Really?  Was this a “Knight Rider” or ‘Herbie the Love Bug” type thing?  No one was driving? 

Computers are great things.  In the hands of people with integrity (who know what they are doing) a lot of innovation and progress can be achieved.  Sitting on the counter, unplugged — a computer is harmless.  In the hands of a bad person, a computer can be used to hack emails (lookin’ at you, Hillary), steal credit cards, spread viruses and all kinds of other mischief.   But computers in the hands of good people can successfully combat bad people who do bad things on computers. 

Remember the Boston Marathon bombing?  All of that carnage was caused with pressure cookers.  Basically, crocdownload (6)k pots.  Oklahoma City bombing?  Fertilizer. 9-11?  Box cutters and airplanes?   (*Wow. THAT is a lot of stuff to ban.*)

We have a fifth-century enemy that we are trying to address with 21st century touchy-feely SJW nonsense.  They torture, humiliate and behead their prisoners.  We give ours taxpayer funded lawyers, libraries, athletic equipment, and TV.  (Treat them like convenience store robbery suspects in the county lock-up.)  

Our terrorist enemies manage to commit a whole lot of murder and mayhem with the use of acid, suicide vests, C-4, cell phones, knives and swordsISLAM_s_0310_-_Estremisti_2.  They make do with whatever is available.  And here we are debating more regulations on firearms in this country.  *Yeah, that’ll show ’em.* 

Right now, Congress — both parties — is seriously considering placing further restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights based on secret lists compiled by government agents.  It sounds like something out of the Cold War era, a Tom Clancy novel, or a James Bond flick. But no, it’s 21st century America.  

Toddlers, Catholic nuns, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and even The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes have made it onto no-fly lists.  Catching the interest of some federal agent is not a crime.  I am sure none of the aforementioned people ever even had the remote thought of committing some terrorism.  

The real solution in the war on terror?  Stop coddling our enemies.  Stop putting our lightly-armed, under-staffed people in harm’s way with highly-restrictibehead_islamve rules of engagement.  (Benghazi.) 

Stop disarming the people we depend on to protect us — leaving them like sitting ducks at their own workplaces.  (Fort Hood. Washington Navy Yard.)

We’re dealing with an enemy that has a biblical-times mindset.  *It’s about time we got all biblical on their asses.*

We can learn from the Russians.  There is the famous story about Russian commandos grabbing a Chechnyan imam.  They mailed him back to his crew piece-by-piece until the point was made.  The terrorist activity against Russians stopped.

I can hear the wincing and teeth-gnashing about the meanness of that action.  You’re dealing with savages from the B.C. era here.  They understand blood and violence.  For every bomb they set off on us, hit them with FIFTY.  For everyone of ours they torture or murder, drop 100 of theirs.

The answer to dealing with a threat like this is not further hassling and eroding the rights of our own citizens.  We have the greatest military might on the planet.  Only God knows why we have some in Washington hamstringing it and crippling it at every turn.  Turn that might loose and demonstrate how fool-hardy it is to F— with the USA and her people.