Driving Miss Leslie (um, CRAZY)

I really don’t want to look like I am piling on. Kicking someone when they are down. (*Really.*)

This site helped make WRAL’s Laura Leslie famous on a national scale.    But another little factoid about Miss Laura caught our attention.  This comes from her bio on the WRAL web site:


IMG_7896She’s the only member of the station’s political team to ID “favorite websites.” We think this nugget gives us further insight into who she is and how she views the world.

I’ll give her a pass on Romanesko.  (It’s a pretty inside-baseball site for the driveby crowd.)   Political Wire is a DC establishment political news website.  It covers politics from a DC perspective, and kisses the Establishment buttocks pretty sloppily.  (They looooooove them some Hillary over there.)

The last one — the Cheezburger one — is a site full of “funny animal pics.”  (Not a lot of intellectual heft, there.)

Miss Laura loses me with Wonkette.  THAT is one nasty-tempered, far-left, hardcore feminist site.  Here is a smattering of their lead stories today:








Wow.  THIS is a go-to, must-read site for WRAL’s top political “reporter”?  Hey, I read leftist stuff, too.  That’s not a crime. But I am not holding myself out there as some font of even-handed neutrality.   (*I despite statists.  Not a fan of government, at all. THERE. I said it. SO, liberating.*)

So, Chris Fitzsimon is on the payroll for “commentary,” and Miss Laura is there for straight-up “reportin’.”  And they wonder why people are fleeing them and seeking out sites like THIS ONE on the Internet.