#WRAL’s Miss Laura: ANGRY at ‘Crazy Bernie,’ Sean Hannity (and probably ME)

It’s always *refreshing* to see an alleged hard-news driveby taking stands on the very issues she covers. ¬†Here’s Miss Leslie venting about ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders and his efforts in North Carolina:



Here’s two more of Laura’s cents on North Carolina’s marriage amendment to the state constitution:




And Sean Hannity, a fellow TV newser, takes a hit:



2 thoughts on “#WRAL’s Miss Laura: ANGRY at ‘Crazy Bernie,’ Sean Hannity (and probably ME)

  1. “After the Orlando shooting, Obama said, “ISIL is under more pressure than ever before. ISIL continues to lose ground in Iraq. All told, ISIL has now lost nearly half the populated territory it once controlled in Iraq, and it will lose more.” The CIA director today says they’re bigger than ever, they’re stronger than ever, they’re stealthier than ever, and they’re getting into this country in greater numbers than ever. Who are we to believe here? “Who could be any dumber than Obama Ms. Lessie?

  2. Well no wonder these folks are all over the “gay stuff”. Although not surprising, I did not know Leslie was gay. Explains a lot of the hate she has (other than the inherent hate you are required to have as a Radical Leftist).

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