Takeaways from Orlando

Ckx8pDvUYAAoOUIThings have not been so magical in Orlando over the last 24 hours.  Ever since a Muslim fanatic shot up a gay bar in that Florida city, all kinds of drivebys and politicos have been trying to put some kind of spin on the tragedy.  Here’s our take:

  • Commit violence against innocent unarmed people?  You and your cause lost me.  I don’t care if you’re out there beating up people for simply attending a Donald Trump rally or shooting up a gay bar, you’ve blown any chance of earning any sympathy from ME or any other member of civilized society for your cause.   We’ve got freedom of peaceful assembly in this country.  If a bunch of gay folks want to get together in their own place and party — FINE.  If college students want to go hear Milo or attend a Donald Trump rally — FINE.   If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go.  
  • Stop covering for Islamic fanaticism.  The drivebys and their lefty c6f27f65-c3f6-491a-a846-ea60d2830cd1comrades had NOOOOOOO problem sending in the SWAT team and the tanks at Waco when they thought David Koresh MIGHT BE abusing kids.  But that same group has conniptions over any insinuation that Islam is a radical, criminal, racist, death cult.It was laughable to hear drivebys swear that they can’t be sure whether the dark-skinned Orlando shooting suspect OMAR  MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN was Muslim. They knew he was a naturalized citizen from Pakistan.  (*Wow. What are the chances he might be Muslim?*)  The feds knew he declared allegiance to ISIS — a murderous criminal organization that has declared “war” on America.  (And THAT is not worth picking his sorry ass up?) piperMateen’s Facebook page features a banner declaring that Pakistan is “the best.”  Apparently, the feds picked him up in 2013 for hanging out with “suspicious people.” They couldn’t make a case, they said, so they cut him loose.  And somehow — despite those “suspicious” associations — Mateen got licensed as a security guard in Florida.

    I understand lawyers and leftist pols have hogtied law enforcement here.  Short of ol’ Omar saying, “Hey, y’all, I’m a terrorist,there is NOT a lot our guys and gals are allowed to do.
    Okay, so we’ve seen 9/11, San Bernadino, The Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Garland Texas, the Tennessee Marine recruiting station, and now Orlando.  Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see the pattern here.

    We’ve got imams preaching “death to America” in mosques around the world daily, and our government officials and politicians are fretting about hurting feelings.

  • Enough with the gun-free zones.    Once again, a gun-free zone is the site of a terrible tragedy.  Law-abiding people pay attention to those cute little signs.  But the baImagine how much lower the body count might have been in Orlando had some of the patrons or security inside that bar been armed. Isn’t it curious how little violence occurs at locations where there happen to be a lot of guns floating around?

    Some folks in the North Carolina legislature are trying to do away with concealed carry permits and allow people to honestly partake in their 2nd amendment rights.
    gun control
    Orlando is ONE MORE example of how the government cannot proted guys never seem to.  (That’s one of the things that makes them bad guys.  They don’t like rules, and signs and things like that.)ct you.  Sure, they’re great at putting folks in body bags and arresting someone AFTER the fact.

    DC has proven with “The war on poverty” that it can’t take care of Americans’ basic needs.  The sorry state of our criminal justice system and ”war on terror” clearly shows they can’t take care of us in that arena either.  Ayn Rand was right.  We’ve GOT to look out for ourselves.