Takeaways from Orlando

Ckx8pDvUYAAoOUIThings have not been so magical in Orlando over the last 24 hours.  Ever since a Muslim fanatic shot up a gay bar in that Florida city, all kinds of drivebys and politicos have been trying to put some kind of spin on the tragedy.  Here’s our take:

  • Commit violence against innocent unarmed people?  You and your cause lost me.  I don’t care if you’re out there beating up people for simply attending a Donald Trump rally or shooting up a gay bar, you’ve blown any chance of earning any sympathy from ME or any other member of civilized society for your cause.   We’ve got freedom of peaceful assembly in this country.  If a bunch of gay folks want to get together in their own place and party — FINE.  If college students want to go hear Milo or attend a Donald Trump rally — FINE.   If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go.  
  • Stop covering for Islamic fanaticism.  The drivebys and their lefty c6f27f65-c3f6-491a-a846-ea60d2830cd1comrades had NOOOOOOO problem sending in the SWAT team and the tanks at Waco when they thought David Koresh MIGHT BE abusing kids.  But that same group has conniptions over any insinuation that Islam is a radical, criminal, racist, death cult.It was laughable to hear drivebys swear that they can’t be sure whether the dark-skinned Orlando shooting suspect OMAR  MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN was Muslim. They knew he was a naturalized citizen from Pakistan.  (*Wow. What are the chances he might be Muslim?*)  The feds knew he declared allegiance to ISIS — a murderous criminal organization that has declared “war” on America.  (And THAT is not worth picking his sorry ass up?) piperMateen’s Facebook page features a banner declaring that Pakistan is “the best.”  Apparently, the feds picked him up in 2013 for hanging out with “suspicious people.” They couldn’t make a case, they said, so they cut him loose.  And somehow — despite those “suspicious” associations — Mateen got licensed as a security guard in Florida.

    I understand lawyers and leftist pols have hogtied law enforcement here.  Short of ol’ Omar saying, “Hey, y’all, I’m a terrorist,there is NOT a lot our guys and gals are allowed to do.
    Okay, so we’ve seen 9/11, San Bernadino, The Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Garland Texas, the Tennessee Marine recruiting station, and now Orlando.  Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see the pattern here.

    We’ve got imams preaching “death to America” in mosques around the world daily, and our government officials and politicians are fretting about hurting feelings.

  • Enough with the gun-free zones.    Once again, a gun-free zone is the site of a terrible tragedy.  Law-abiding people pay attention to those cute little signs.  But the baImagine how much lower the body count might have been in Orlando had some of the patrons or security inside that bar been armed. Isn’t it curious how little violence occurs at locations where there happen to be a lot of guns floating around?

    Some folks in the North Carolina legislature are trying to do away with concealed carry permits and allow people to honestly partake in their 2nd amendment rights.
    gun control
    Orlando is ONE MORE example of how the government cannot proted guys never seem to.  (That’s one of the things that makes them bad guys.  They don’t like rules, and signs and things like that.)ct you.  Sure, they’re great at putting folks in body bags and arresting someone AFTER the fact.

    DC has proven with “The war on poverty” that it can’t take care of Americans’ basic needs.  The sorry state of our criminal justice system and ”war on terror” clearly shows they can’t take care of us in that arena either.  Ayn Rand was right.  We’ve GOT to look out for ourselves. 






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  1. Wasn’t it great that CAIR & ISNA went on TV to condemn this Islamic Jihad attack? This is called TAKIA, folks, lying to the infidel! Propaganda like that would make the Nazis so proud! Our own President deceived us by not calling it for what it was: Islamic Jihad, instead pivoting to gun control, which we all know has nothing to do with guns, but everything to do with government control. WAKE UP! UNDERSTAND THE THREAT!

  2. Then there’s the news story saying ol’ Omar is a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. Yet another mass killer who is a lefty. He’s just one of MANY from the last decade like that.

    1. Maybe we should just let Republicans and Unaffiliateds own guns? But with Muslim jihadists, you definitely have to control knives and bombs, too!

      1. You want to restrict gun sales to suspected terrorists? No politician on the right will say that out loud, because the NRA will land on them like a hammer.

        This guy was investigated by the FBI twice, but he was still able to buy an assault weapon legally. Until he decided to exercise his “2nd Amendment Solution” to his homophobia, he was a good American.

        1. This shooter’s view of homosexuality came from his Muslim religion. Sharia law calls for the killing of homosexuals. In some Muslim countries they behead them. In others they hang them. In some they are pushed off of roofs of buildings. In some they are only jailed. In some more moderate ones, they are quietly tolerated if they stay in the closet.

          Liberals have been big on both pushing homosexuality and pushing Muslims. You need to choose. The two are in contradiction to each other.

      2. After San Bernardino, NC’s Tillis and Burr joined every other GOP Senator in voting down a common sense bill – suspected terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to buy assault weapons. We’ll keep them from getting on a plane, but walking into a store and walking out with an armload of AR-15s is just fine. It’s just insane.

        I hope the $2.5 million that the NRA gave to Thom in 2014 helps him sleep at night. He has blood on his hands.

        1. How the corrupt and power mad Obama regime would define ”suspected terrorists” is what makes that bill a problem. Some of their own statements are quite scary.

          But this guy they did not put on a list of suspected terrorists. He even worked for a major Homeland Security contractor. The Obama regime coddles Muslims, but would be quick to try to call a conservative a ”terrorist”. The utter political corruption at the IRS means you simply cannot trust this regime with much of anything.

        2. Will Hilary Clinton be returning the billions she has received from Muslim countries. Will you be speaking out about Hillary and her association with these terrorist that hate homosexuals and treat them like animals? Will she be condemning these Muslim countries for indoctrinating and acting on their hate of homosexuals? Oh that’s right you want to talk about Tillis.

          1. Sorry, I was out there living life. Didn’t realize you expected an answer.

            What does Hillary’s campaign money have to do with the killing in Orlando? Oh, I get it. Because any topic from now till November has to somehow circle back to being her fault, no matter how tenuous, or how much you’re taking your eye off the real issue. Benghazi!

            Don’t change the subject and ask me to apologize for Hillary Clinton. I don’t like her, and don’t like the idea of her becoming President. Unfortunately, I may have to hold my nose and vote for her, because you all have nominated someone who’s bats**t crazy and will get us all killed.


  3. I’m just waiting for McCrory and Bully Barber to blame this massacre on the Sons of Confederate Veterans!

  4. “OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN was Muslim. They knew he was a naturalized citizen from Pakistan.”

    He was not a “naturalized citizen from Pakistan”. He was born in New York. His parents immigrated here from Afghanistan.

    1. That is just another data point that shows the US needs to get rid of birthright citizenship and do what other developed countries do and base citizenship on the nationality of the parents, NOT where someone happens to be born.

      1. So you want to create hundreds of thousands of “stateless” people within our borders? They would be subject to deportation, but have no citizenship in any other country. Where would they go? They would stay right here, that’s where, but not have any hope of ever having a stable life as American citizens.

        Our best hope of integrating immigrants into our society is to offer them a franchise: play by the rules and you’ll see it’s in your best interests to support a strong, stable U.S. of A. That’s one of the bedrock principles holding up our society. Take that away, and you create a permanent, growing underclass of non-citizens who will never fully support the country they live in. I know that’s sort of what we already have with all the undocumenteds, but this would enshrine that in law: “You’re officially and permanently a non-American, even though you were born here. If we could forcibly kick you out, we would.”

        The unwanted consequences of such a radical undermining of the American Experiment could well lead to it’s failure.

        1. Wrong. Most countries, including the US, recognize citizenship based on the nationality of the parents. For some like Germans, it is multi-generational, where if you had an ancestor who was a German national in the year the country was united, 1871, or at any time thereafter, you are entitled to German citizenship. What most countries other than the US are not foolish enough to do is to also give citizenship upon mere birth within its borders. Ireland, for example, had a national referendum not too many years ago to abolish birthright citizenship, due to the illegal alien problem, and the measure abolishing birthright citizenship passed by a landslide.

          Oh, and the correct legal term under our laws for those who sneak in is ”illegal aliens” not the Orwellian slang ”undocumented immigrant”.

  5. Sharia law calls for the killing of homosexuals

    And the Bible doesn’t? Most Christians reject the Old Testament death sentence for homosexuality, (as do most Muslims). But some Christians aren’t afraid to stand up and wave it around, including the pastor who organized an event that Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee atttended last year.

    “Yes, Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals,” Pastor Kevin Swanson.

    And two other speakers at the same event.

    “Difficulty in implementing Biblical law does not make non-Biblical penology just, But as we have seen, while many homosexuals would be executed, the threat of capital punishment can be restorative.” Rev. Phillip G. Kayser

    “God revealed that the homosexual act is a civil crime, and it just so happens that He revealed that the homosexual act as a civil crime deserves the death penalty.” Joel McDurmon

    Cruz, Jindal And Huckabee To Join Multiple Speakers Who Want Gays Put To Death

    You don’t get to share the stage with a pack of GOP Presidential contenders if you are a lone whacko with no supporters. There’s sure to be plenty of so-called Christians who agree that this shooter in Orlando was doing God’s work by putting those LGBT persons to death. The quiet wink-and-nod from Cruz, Huckabee, etc. only encourages these murderous psychopaths, whichever “Good Book” they follow.

    1. You do not even have to go back that far. Try the middle of the 19th century. The penalty in many US states for Crime Against Nature was death. In North Carolina, it was death without benefit of clergy. Ditto the British Royal Navy where through at least the Crimean War, the penalty for buggery, as it was called, under the Articles of War, was a drumhead court martial and immediate hanging.

      The difference is that all Christian countries have gotten past that, and in most, those offenses are not even in the criminal law books any more, and if they are, they have minor penalties and are often not enforced. The Muslims have, for the most part NOT gotten past that and still often have severe penalties for homosexuals that are actually carried out.

      1. I don’t consider the fact that several Presidential candidates shared a stage with multiple speakers who want to re-institute the Christian death penalty, as having “gotten past it”. They should be shunned for suggesting it, instead they got thanks and handshakes and photo-ops with GOP leaders.


        And then right on cue, the psychopaths are coming out of the woodwork:

        Arizona Christian pastor doesn’t think the massacre in an Orlando LGBT nightclub was so bad

        Christian Pastor Calls Orlando Massacre ‘Good News’ Because 50 ‘F*ggots’ Died

        Do you think these 5 or 6 “Christians” are the only ones who think gays should be murdered? It’s hypocritical to say that Islam is more infused with evil human weakness than Christianity. If you’re not denouncing all homophobic religious zealots, you’re condoning the next massacre.

        1. Homosexuality is a sin in multiple religions, but no elected official in any Christian country I know of has proposed criminal penalties for homosexuality in recent years. Yeah, in medieval times they used to burn them at the stake, and we did have severe penalties in the 19th century, but not today. On the other hand, severe punishment for homosexuality in Muslim countries is common public policy in many of them today. None of the US elected officials you mention have called for this in our country.

          On the other hand, behaviors, like sexual behavior, should never be a protected class under the law. The demands of any behavior based group for protected class status are outrageous.

          1. Yeah, in medieval times they used to burn them at the stake, and we did have severe penalties in the 19th century, but not today.

            Really? Next Sunday is only the thirteenth anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas, where the Supreme Court struck down Texas’ sodomy laws. In 1998, near the end of the Clinton administration, people were still being prosecuted for private consensual sex. Two gay men were caught doing what gay men do in private, and the State of Texas thought they should go to jail for it.

            Is it the same as being tossed off the roof of a building? No. But we’re hardly light-years ahead of the most radical Islamic state, in our barbaric treatment of our fellow citizens who simply choose to live differently than we do.

            Omar Mateen was born and raised in the US of A. Do you really think his violent homophobia came from ISIS?

  6. why want anyone read the
    bible and follow the instruction on how to live a godly life. we did not have these problems years ago but the nation has turned it’s back. we are reaping the whirlwind.

  7. 50 “people” were killed. You guys need to get over yourselves. 50 “people” were killed. How Christians, republicans, illegals, citizenship, and the NRA are part of this argument I haven’t a clue. Another, in a long list of, follower of islam has killed innocent “people”.

  8. In a Congressional meeting in Washington, two weeks before the Orlando shooting, a GOP Rep. from Georgia read passages from the Bible condemning gays to death into the official record of the House.


    1. How many people died during this “reading”? Should we do away with reading? Was this follower of islam inspired by this “reading”? Are Christians and Muslims now brothers in arms against the LGBTQRST….. community? Maybe the guns used in Orlando should be arrested and serve time in federal prison. How many years should the guns serve? Can they be rehabilitated?
      Stupid, stupid, stuff.

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