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We’ve had two significant events here recently that raise significant points about our Second Amendment rights.  The NC House passed HB746 which does away with the concept of permits for concealed carry of firearms.  It was a very close vote in the GOP dominated chamber….

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Takeaways from Orlando

Things have not been so magical in Orlando over the last 24 hours.  Ever since a Muslim fanatic shot up a gay bar in that Florida city, all kinds of drivebys and politicos have been trying to put some kind of spin on the tragedy….

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Another tragedy in a gun-free zone

The media is having a field day talking about the SECOND mass shooting in five years at Texas’ Fort Hood. Is the war to blame?  How did this guy get a gun? Could the Army have done more?  A lot of soldiers pass through Fort Hood…

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Media: Racist? Then you MUST be ‘right-wing.’

  Don’t get me wrong.  The murderous rampage in Wisconsin was absolutely disgusting and evil and depraved.  Thank goodness the scum culprit was killed so we don’t have to spend money, or go through further emotional turmoil, trying him and jailing him.   As the…