Race-baitin’ Roy


Roy Cooper is a master at deflecting blame for his foul-ups onto someone else.  And the state’s dwindling drive-by media is often more-than-glad to help him.  (Testing rape kits, anyone?)

Liberals are now in the middle of this police lynching exercise.  Every black suspect who takes a bullet from a police officer IS an innocent victim of a CRIME.  *No exceptions.*



In his speech before legislators last night,  Governor Stoopid decided to jump right into that fray:

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called for more bipartisan unity during his State of the State address Monday, the same day he announced that a new Apple campus would bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of investment to the state.

It also comes as the Democratic governor has called for body-camera footage to be released in the death of Andrew Brown Jr. in Elizabeth City, a Black man who was shot and killed by deputies with the Pasquotank County’s Sheriff’s Office. […]

Earlier in the day,  Pasquotank sheriff Tommy Wooten and his chief deputy told us all that the body-cam footage was in the hands of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation,  which is conducting the investigation of the incident.  Do you know who the SBI reports to?  The governor.  And WHO is the governor?  Roy Stoopid Cooper.  If anyone can expedite the release of the footage, HE Can.  (Wooten and his #2 also told us that ONLY a judge can order the footage to be publicly released.  One would think a judge might take a request from the governor to release the footage quite seriously.)