He’s In!


The worst kept secret in North Carolina politics is now out in the open.  Congressman Ted Budd (R) will be seeking North Carolina’s vacant US Senate seat in 2022.  He announced his intentions this morning to supporters and key media outlets.

Budd, from Davie County, was first elected in 2016 by winning a 17-member GOP primary. He’s maintained a respectable conservative record that’s earned him little – if any- criticism from us.  Budd’s announcement was quickly followed up with an endorsement by The Club For Growth — a PAC that seeks out and backs fiscal conservatives.

Budd’s move puts him in a head-to-head primary matchup with his former colleague “Public Official A” (aka Mark Walker of Greensboro).

For conservatives who were bemoaning Walker as their only choice, Budd’s entry into the race provides them with someone to proudly vote FOR.  Barring entry by anyone named Trump,  THIS appears to be our candidate for 2022.