We’ve had two significant events here recently that raise significant points about our Second Amendment rights.  The NC House passed HB746 which does away with the concept of permits for concealed carry of firearms.  It was a very close vote in the GOP dominated chamber.

The Left went ape-$h!t with memes about GOP “gun-nuts” putting all kinds of women and children in danger.  Here’s a sample:

God only knows what concealed carry permits have to with the ladies voting. (*And TWELVE PEOPLE = “packing the NCGA”?*) Don’t these gals know that the average thug who may wish to threaten them or their kids will not be stopping by the sheriff’s office to apply for a concealed carry permit before initiating his (or her) reign of terror?  (In way too many cases, concealed carry permits for innocent, law abiding citizens get held up by politics at local sheriff’s offices.)  

One of Blinkin’ Chris’s gal-pals also got her undergarments all wrinkled up over HB 746:

Ironically, the cartoon she threw a fit over perfectly illustrated what happened in the DC suburbs today.  The shooting at the GOP baseball practice?   The victims were in a gun-free zone.  Only cops are allowed, by law, to have guns there. 

Thank goodness for all of the innocents gathered today that House Whip Steve Scalise showed up with his armed security detail.  Those security guys ended up killing the attacker and likely saving a lot of lives.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of an armed security detail to protect us each day.  We spend our days in a lot of gun-free zones hoping and praying the cops show up in time if some maniac decides to have a little target practice.  

Law-abiding citizens, like the victims in Alexandria today, pay attention to those gun-free zone signs.  Lunatics hell-bent on murdering people are not going to obey a sign, and are not going to stop by the sheriff’s office to fill out paperwork.  

The bill presented by Messrs. Millis, Pittman, et. al, evens the playing field for those of us who want to get through the day without being victimized.  How likely is some thug to open fire if there is a really good chance that even half of the people in sight are packing some form of concealed heat? 

One could make an analogy to the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) that is credited with thwarting catastrophic conflict between the US and USSR and ending The Cold War.  Nobody wanted conflict with the other side because it likely meant destruction and devastation for both sides.


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  1. Actually, they are permitted to carry in Alexandria, VA where they were practicing. But, since they have to travel back and forth between DC, WHERE THEY CANNOT CARRY, it is impractical to try to hopscotch the conflicting laws. BTW, VA has a reciprocal carry agreement, that honors North Carolina carry permits and vice versa. Had one or more of those congressmen been armed, they could have added their firepower to those of the police. It was just a stroke of luck that Scallise had a security detail with him. The Dems practicing in DC had neither police nor lawful carry authority to defend themselves had they been attacked.

  2. Please call your POS Representative — on both sides of the aisle — today. If you are represented by a Dem like I am with rascist Butterfield ask him when HE is going to disavow, call out the despicable calls for violence against President Trump and conservatives by the media, Hollywood, fellow colleagues and college professors. If you are represented by do-nothing GOPers, ask them why they NEVER call out their Dem counterparts for violence — NEVER. Ask them why they NEVER support the President. Ask them when they are going to start DOING what they were elected to do – shut the border, repeal/replace Obamacare and put Americans–not special interests — first. Then call Larry and Moe — Tillis and Burr — and do the same. Need resources/facts: read Ann Coulter’s column today, go to Breitbart and @Cernovich.

    The country is burning down and our elected officials are playing footsy with one another.

  3. Part Deux … of course the Democrat Congress is not on the neo-Marxist assassins’ radar screen, either. Professional courtesy sort of thing …

  4. We will see if Civitas rates on this bill.

    Their rating, which used to be the gold standard, is losing all credibility due to their failure to use the HB2 repeal vote, clearly the most high profile liberal / conservative vote this session in their rating. It clearly separated the men from the boys among Republicans, the fakirs from the genuine Republicans. Civitas’ own newspaper highlighted the importance of this vote and it was one of only two they published a roll call on in that issue, so there is something seriously wrong when it does not appear in their rating.

  5. Rep Frank Iler (who was one of the 7 Republicans who voted against our 2nd A rights said our county was “split” on the issue so after speaking with the Sheriff he decided to vote No. Wonder what the Sheriff said? Could he be Worried about losing those filing fees and the power of knowledge of all the gun owners in the county perhaps? Just my opinion. But again, I wondered where those scientific polls were that split the county, so I asked. Here’s the response, “I kept a tally of the phone calls and emails for and against the bill and I only counted voters from our district. We did have some stray callers from New Hanover and surrounding areas but again, they are not our voters so I didn’t register their opinion. Both sides had robo calls set up where the caller is asked to push a number to speak with their Representative and it connects them straight to our office. This may not be the most scientific polling, but if they took the time to call and they live in the district, their opinion was counted. This was a very passionate issue and as the person who had to listen to both sides, the provision allowing 18 year olds to carry continued to come up. I know this vote was difficult for Rep. Iler but I do feel he did his best to represent the will of the district based on the input we had from our constituents. I don’t usually answer for him, but I wanted you to know where the data came from. ” So the county was split on the issue??? Even if this informal phone talley was split on the issue, note Frank decided to go with the loony left, Bloomberg and Soros and Cooper against our district, the caucus and our Constitution. He needs a primary.

    1. Primary Iler and the other Obama Republicans who are weak on the 2nd amendment. Iler’s record is actually a target rich environment. He voted to stiff electric ratepayers with higher bills in order to pander to the solar parasites, and he voted to repeal bathroom privacy for starters.

      Go get him!

  6. Let the good guys and gals arm themselves. Bad people certainly will, and thank goodness the framers of our Constitution understood it was against the laws of nature and nature’s God to infringe on that right.

    Raynor James

    1. Pity the poor Germans with their country overrun by Muslim migrants, many bent on terrorism or crime, and the law abiding citizens still bound by the Third Reich’s 1938 gun control law, which has never been repealed and makes it almost impossible to own a gun.

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