Civitas thins the herd over on Jones Street

What a difference a month makes.  Last month, EVERYBODY  was getting perfect scores from Civitas.  A month later, after the solar scam has come and gone, there are only SEVEN House members with perfect scores of 100Mark Brody, George Cleveland, Carl Ford, Larry Pittman, Jeff Collins, Michael Speciale, and Chris Millis.   (Kelly Hastings gets a score of 100, but he’s disqualified for taking a walk when the solar goons’ bill came up for a vote.  No profile in courage there.  Nosirree.)

What changed in a month?  The solar giveaway bill that warmed the heart of every lobbyist in town.

Moore County’s Jamie Boles is sporting a conservative grade of 71.4 out of 100.   Democrat William Brisson finds himself tied with Republicans Tim Moore, David Lewis, and Justin Burr.  Republicans Nelson Dollar, Cody Henson and Chris Malone are all sporting grades of 66.7 — making them the most liberal in the GOP caucus.

Civitas is more generous with the perfect scores over in the Senate.  ALL BUT FIVE GOP senators got perfect scores of 100.