Peace, Love & Molotov cocktails (Aah, smell the tolerance.)

14680579_10207390593109555_7541289440668347651_nSupposedly, we on the right are the haters, the violent ones.  Yet, who does all the rioting and fighting in the streets? 

Supposedly, we on the right are the ones who want to stifle free speech and independent thought.  The People’s Republic of Orange County — long hailed as a socialist oasis surrounded by all of this *dreadful* capitalism, freedom and happiness in North Carolina — prides itself as an example of “tolerance” and respect for all POVs.

Yet, an attempt at free expression by a tiny minority known as The Orange County GOP was met with a firebombing and threatening graffiti this weekend. 

Local, state and federal authorities are all over the investigation.

This SURE doesn’t look like the tactics of a crowd that feels like they have an election in the bag.  It’s the act of cowards, of radicals, who apparently feel snip20161016_1their agenda is being threatened.  This is the kind of third-world authoritarian crap practiced and praised by Obama heroes Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

THIS is not America.

Keep pressing forward.  Get registered. Get your like-minded friends registered.  Be sure to vote, and get all of your like-minded friends to do the same.  Don’t cave to the intimidation.  Don’t cave to the threats. Don’t show fear.  Keep your eyes on the prize. 


25 thoughts on “Peace, Love & Molotov cocktails (Aah, smell the tolerance.)

  1. Maybe we should declare the next 3 weeks “Take your AR to work in the GOP office” weeks. Bring it on, weasels.

  2. Stand by for the disinformation pitch that it was actually a conservative who fire bombed the office. Need to get several steps out in front of this.
    They could easily turn this situation to their vallue-added advantage.

  3. Who are the haters responsible for this act of terrorism? WRAL, the News and Observer, and Rev. Barber. All of these haters should be shunned.

  4. Democrats have already raised $13,000 to help fix the damage/get the office back on its feet. Sec. Clinton wasted no time denouncing this horrible act.
    Trump has yet to apologize for the many people attacked at his rallies. In fact, he encouraged those attacks.

    1. The problem is the culture of vandalism that exists in the Raleigh- Chapel Hill area. This is not the first time GOP headquarters have been attacked in that area. It doesn’t happen in other areas of the state but it happens in that area going all the way back to 2004.

        1. Which usually involves left wing extremists attacking Trump supporters, or vandalizing their cars as happened at a rally in Maine recently.

          1. Oooh that will not go over well Trox. Facts are not something the progressive wackos deal in. The fact that the Trump supporters are usually the ones BEING ATTACKED escapes Peanut Butter and Jelly. I have seen many more stories where that was the case than the isolated incidents that were the other way around.

            The fact is that this is just the way that progressives and communists operate. I guess we should expect more of this against those that do not toe the party line.

          2. Come to think of it ”stories” is a pretty apt term for what the leftie media prints these days. It has the connotation of not truthful.

        2. Looks like your premise has no base in reality. Project Veritas now has Hitlary hacks actively breaking the law and conspiring to incite violence at Trump rallies.

    2. Hmmmm, guess that “denouncement” is the public position. My guess is the private position of Hitlary differs wildly from the public one.

      Maybe the dems need to just send the money to a manners class for their constituents. I know 99.9% of dems are too immature to have actual human respect, but the $13k would go a lot farther than ingenuously donating to the enemy.

        1. Just a guess now….until it gets on tape kind of like the illegal collusion to incite violence at Trump rallies. Shades of Nazism if you ask me. Funny how the progressives shout Nazi every time you turn around, but are the ones who fully support and actively practice the tactics.

    1. Cooper has been MIA for 4 years, as he himself pointed out in the debate. “Hundreds of thousands of dollars defending Voter ID” because his office can’t seem to represent NC laws.

  5. Oh, and the Orange County Democratic office was also vandalized. I suppose you will blame Sec. Clinton for that as well.

    1. That vandalism is more like a purpose statement or a core value. A progressive asset being painted with “death to capitalism” is NOT a vandalism event. One of the socialistic minions obviously got a bit too zealous after reading the Alinsky materials inside and tagged the wrong place…probably just too stupid to have walked down to the Republican site.

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