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Lefties PRAYING for Tillis or McCrory 2020 gubernatorial run

If you pay close enough attention  to  liberals, they will actually give you clues as to what they’re really up to.  Take this recent poll from  that leftist clown car known as Public Policy Polling. They’re showing Pat McCrory (41% to 45% for Cooper) and…

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PPP poll: Trump UP, Burr TIED, McCrory DOWN

Say what you want about the crowd from Public Policy Polling, their numbers tend to get pretty good the closer you get to the election.  Here is their latest take on the big three races in North Carolina:  President:  Trump is up 45-43 over Clinton….

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PPP: #NCGOV race (still) TIED

I know. I know. We are talking here about the crowd that gave us ‘Deez Nuts.’   According to Public Policy Polling, the race for North Carolina governor is basically right where it was ONE MONTH AGO.  They have McCrory and Cooper each at 41%, while…

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PPP Poll: 31% approval? (Burr, that’s cold.)

That’s right. He will have been in office for 12 years when the 2016 campaign heats up.  But, according to the leftist Public Policy Polling organization, 31 percent of voters approve of Burr, 36 percent disapprove, and 33 percent have no idea what to think…

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#ncsen: PPP says Hagan 46, Tillis 43, Haugh 5

This survey of 780 likely voters was conducted by left-leaning Public Policy Polling from October 16 to 18.  It has a margin of error of +-3.5 percent.  Like the Gravis poll, PPP also took a look at a Hagan-Tillis head-to-head matchup.  They found Hagan still…

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#NCSEN: PPP poll shows we’re headed for a GOP runoff.

Public Policy Polling has released its latest numbers on the 2014 US Senate race. The Democrat  pollster is finding what a lot of us have known. This thing — at least on the GOP side — is WIDE OPEN. The latest survey shows state House…

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#NCSEN It’s Over: PPP & The Shih-Tzu anoint Senator Thom

John Frank says we might as well forget this primary thing.  Thom Tillis is leaving everybody in the dust with his “solid lead.”   If you are a supporter of one of the other US Senate GOP candidates, reading The Shih-Tzu’s article might leave you…

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New NC Polls: McCrory still up, auditor & treasurer races looking promising for GOP

    Democrat-aligned Public Policy Polling has released some new numbers showing that the negative ad war in the governor’s race has not had much effect on either candidate’s numbers, and that two council of state races are looking like dogfights for the Democrat incumbents:…

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LITTLE LOVE for Bev as she heads out the door

  Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling has found that Lame Duck Bev is THE MOST UNPOPULAR governor in these here United States. The organization’s latest poll found that her disapproval was at 57% while her approval was at only 31 percent. You have to give…

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UNDECIDED leading in 2012 Dem primary for NC governor

  If the election were held tomorrow, someone named “Undecided” would be the 2012 Democrat nominee for governor of North Carolina.   That’s the latest from left-wing Durham-based Public Policy Polling. PPP says 41% of Democrat voters are Undecided  on their choice for governor.  Bobby…