PPP poll: Trump UP, Burr TIED, McCrory DOWN

poll-results4Say what you want about the crowd from Public Policy Polling, their numbers tend to get pretty good the closer you get to the election.  Here is their latest take on the big three races in North Carolina: 

  • President:  Trump is up 45-43 over Clinton.  Libertarian Gary Johnson bags 6 percent.  (He won’t score that high when all is said and done.) The poll finds that, if you ask Johnson supporters who they support if the choice is only Trump AND Clinton, the race moves to a 47-47 TIE.  The lefty pollsters find an identical 40 favorable, 55 unfavorable rating for each of the two major party candidates. 
  • Senator:  Richard Burr and Deborah Ross come in tied at 41-41.  Libertarian Sean Haugh lands 4 percent.  (Again, he won’t finish that high.)  Interestingly, the poll finds Burr’s approval-disapproval at 34-34.  But 32 percent have NO OPINION of him! 
  • Governor:  Roy Cooper is up over Pat McCrory 46-41.   This race had been tied at 41 for the last two polls. Libertarian Lon Cecil is drawing 2 percent.  (Cecil supporters were asked who they would support if the choice was only Cooper or McCrory.  In that case, Cooper’s lead grows to 50-43. )  McCrory’s approval-disapproval is at 39-41. 

Down-ballot, the poll finds Dan Forest up 38-35 over Linda Coleman.  Josh Stein is up 39-35 over Buck Newton in the Ag’s race.  And Dan Blue is up 38-37 over Dale Folwell.  All of those are within the margin of error.

A total of 1024 likely voters were surveyed between Sept. 18 and 20.  The margin of error was +-3.1 percent.  Twenty percent of respondents participated via the Internet. 

7 thoughts on “PPP poll: Trump UP, Burr TIED, McCrory DOWN

  1. Prominent Republicans doing television ads for Hillary around the clock are killing the GOP message in NC. Even Burr and McCrory can’t overcome the damage of these traitors. It’s bleak.

  2. I talked to a pollster today, He said that if the election were held today, it would be a bloodbath – for Republicans. They have no one but themselves to blame. I’m not voting for Deborah Ross, but I’m not voting for Burr, either.

  3. HB2 is a disaster.. Not the reason for it. Not the intent. I remember listening to some lawyer Repub arguing it. Sounded like a priest from 1950 with his back to parishioners doing the mass in Latin. Understood bits and pieces of it, and didnt like him. The left had all the messaging super weapons, and the right didn’t do anything with message.Right acted like they expected everyone to know their wisdom. General convo around the office and table is the gen person thinks Repubs hate transgenders like gays… the left tied them together, those that disagree just think the bill is a disaster even if they agree with basic bathroom issues. That we don’t understand or care the damage its doing to many Republican businesses.. its bad.

    1. That is not what I hear in my part of the state. Most people understand that you don’t want grown men allowed in bathrooms and shower rooms with women and little girls. There is also little sympathy for the nutjob gender deniers.

      I agree that the messaging has not been handled well. If McCrory had competent campaign advisers, which he clearly does not, he would have picked up on a great opportunity to solidify the message that was handed to him by the Charlotte Observer when they ran their editorial that schoolgirls would just have to get used to seeing penises in their showers. McCrory should have pushed back hard at that juncture, perhaps with a press conference in front of the newspaper office. They totally blew that opportunity that was handed to them.

      1. Can you imagine what Jesse Helms would be doing with this bathroom bill fiasco? He would have 80% support by now (at least) and everyone would know what this is all about. Modern day Republicans are wimps in a fight.

    2. Another horrible example of bad messaging is the recent waffling by McCrory on the bathroom bill with his poorly conceived ”compromise”. This sends a really awful message to everyone. It pumps up the fruitcakes and their supporters to think they are winning, giving them more enthusiasm. It angers conservatives who rightly figure they are in danger of getting sold out:
      And for those uncertain about the issue, it makes it look like our side is admitting that the liberals were right all along.

      The biggest messaging problem on the whole issue is the McCrory attempted climbdown. It screws us across the board with voters in all shades of opinion on this issue. If McCrory had competent campaign advice, I suspect it never would have happened. Whoever is running McCrory’s campaign this time should never be let anywhere close to campaign leadership ever again.

      And if McCrory did not feel comfortable about doing pushback press conferences, imagine the impact of a black state GOP chairman doing them. That would explode the ”discrimination” nonsense the Democrats are peddling. But McCrory apparently gave the green light for his ouster, so he is not there to help us. Instead, we have a doddering old fool as chairman who is not capable of pulling off a press conference.

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