UNDECIDED leading in 2012 Dem primary for NC governor


If the election were held tomorrow, someone named “Undecided” would be the 2012 Democrat nominee for governor of North Carolina.   That’s the latest from left-wing Durham-based Public Policy Polling.

PPP says 41% of Democrat voters are Undecided  on their choice for governor.  Bobby “Boom Boom” Etheridge is in second place with 26 percent.  Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton follows in third with 19 percent.  State Rep. Bill Faison is tied for last place at 2% with someone named Gary Dunn.  

PPP indicates that Boom-Boom’s lead over Dalton is mainly thanks to a 50%-7 % spread in the Triangle.  Boom-Boom represented the region in Congress for 14 years, served in the state House, and served as DPI superintendent .