Barry & co. doing damage control in NC









El Rushbo hit on something the other day, and, as usual, I can’t disagree with him:

[…] Now, as a result of that some other things Beverly Perdue has said she not running for governor, not running for reelection. Which apparently the regime didn’t know. She didn’t clear it with them. The Democrat convention’s in North Carolina and she’s announced she’s not running for reelection. And the regime is livid. So apparently the White House is sending streams of people into North Carolina. They’re afraid of losing in 2012. They’re actually afraid of losing it. So as an satisfied to you people in North Carolina: You’ve got traffic jams from now ’til December.

You’re not gonna be able to look anywhere without noticing some interlopers from the Democrat Party in there trying to save the state for themselves. […]

Kathleen Sebelius, The Queen of ObamaCare, was in Charlotte the other day campaigning with The Gays.  Both Bidens and both Obamas have been here repeatedly since Bev said ‘I quit.’   Several Cabinet members and other officials have been rolling into the state for photo ops.   (Where is the Border Patrol when you REALLY need them?)

Biden recently hauled Walter Dalton around the state with him. I am sure DC has been trying to clear the field for Dalton.  Notice how all of these Dem “Big Dogs” publicly mulled a gubernatorial run, then quietly backed off?   A phone call from 1600 Penn can work wonders.  Bob Etheridge certainly had to foul up their arithmetic with his last-minute filing.  Barry certainly doesn’t want to have to campaign through our fair state with THIS VIDEO blanketing the airwaves.

The powers-that-be have chased off Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco and a few other white interlopers, ensuring that the Democrat field for Lt. Governor will be restricted only to TWO black candidates.  It will surely fire up the black churches across the state for November with a black nominee for Lt. Governor and for President.

In Fayetteville, state Rep. Rick Glazier has been “talked” out of primarying the Dem incumbent for DPI Superintendent and back into running for his state House seat (which surely would have gone Republican without him).  The Dems have also pulled scandal-ridden former Register of Deeds and DMV Commissioner George Tatum out of mothballs to challenge freshman state Senator Wesley Meredith(R), who WOULD have been completely unopposed. (Meredith’s seat had been held for eons by Democrat capo Tony Rand.)

Yes, it appears that the NC Democrat Party is now a wholely owned subsidiary of BarryO 2012.