PPP Poll: 31% approval? (Burr, that’s cold.)

r-RICHARD-BURR-DADT-large570That’s right. He will have been in office for 12 years when the 2016 campaign heats up.  But, according to the leftist Public Policy Polling organization, 31 percent of voters approve of Burr, 36 percent disapprove, and 33 percent have no idea what to think of him.  That’s after TEN YEARS in office, folks.  

Granted, those numbers don’t sound great.  But we just finished a Senate campaign involving two major party figures who also had abysmal approval numbers.  Sometimes, it comes down to just who the two major choices — and their national party leaders — ARE (and who is perceived as the lesser of two evils.) . 

The lefty pollsters found Burr starting off with a 46-43 lead in a matchup with Kay Hagan.  The senior senator holds a 46-38 lead against both state treasurer Janet Cowell and current US DOT secretary Anthony Foxx.

PPP found  Kay Hagan leaving office with a 39-52 favorable/unfavorable rating. That’s compared to a 40-53 rating for Barry Obama and a 41-46 rating for Gov. Pat McCrory.  The pollster also found incoming US Senator (outgoing state House speaker) Thom Tillis with 37 percent approval, 48 percent disapproval, and 15 percent unsure. Some honeymoon.

1 thought on “PPP Poll: 31% approval? (Burr, that’s cold.)

  1. I remember when I used to have Republican US Senators from North Carolina that I could be proud of. Now I have two that I am ashamed of, and wish would just go away. Why is our party now producing such duds?

    I have a feeling that Tricky Dick Burr will be road kill in the general if he is the nominee. We need to talk him out of running again, and if he persists, then we need to find a top drawer candidate to take him down in a primary, and he needs to be painted as ”Senator Amnesty” for his awful votes on that subject. And don’t expect a national Republican wave to save him as Boehner and McConnell are doing all they can to make sure one of those just doesn’t happen.

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