PPP: #NCGOV race (still) TIED

roy-cooper-and-pat-mccrory-x750I know. I know. We are talking here about the crowd that gave us ‘Deez Nuts.’   According to Public Policy Polling, the race for North Carolina governor is basically right where it was ONE MONTH AGO. 

They have McCrory and Cooper each at 41%, while Undecided nets 13% and Libertarian Lon Cecil bags 6 percent. The top two debated last week.  And both teams declared a resounding victory.  In all honesty, neither one of them lit any fires.  Cooper scored points for being polished and smooth — gubernatorial.  The actual governor was the opposite of polished — almost appearing to be trying out an impression of any Joe Pesci movie character. 

McCrory’s saving grace so far is his defense of HB2. It appears to be holding a lot of conservatives in his camp who would otherwise be sitting on their hands at home on election day.  Listening to Art Pope, John Hood, and Dennis Wicker on some crazy HB2 “deal” would be the kiss of death. 

My fellow Helms organization alumnus Carter Wrenn has an interesting take on the governor’s race thus far: 

It’s hard these days to tell who’s on top in the Governor’s race: One day one poll has Pat up. A few days later the same poll has Pat down. Then another poll – by Civitas or High Point University or Elon University or PPP – has Pat up again.

It’s a muddle.

But, sometimes, amid the chaos of a political campaign a sign appears: The only time Jesse Helms, in five statewide campaigns, challenged an opponent to debate was when he trailed Jim Hunt by twenty points – so when I saw Pat’s press release challenging Roy to six debates I thought, That’s not a good sign.


6 thoughts on “PPP: #NCGOV race (still) TIED

  1. I don’t know how Roy is even close, he is such a poor candidate even before you take into account his record. The democraps have such a shallow pool to choose from. Pat has so much ammo available to hit Ol’ Roy with, hopefully he will pull out the big guns as we get closer to November.

  2. Unfortunately Pat is an idiot, surrounded by idiots and led by idiots. His closest GOP advisors are Establishment hacks like Pope and Woodhouse who have resoundingly rejected and spit on conservative ideas and most importantly people. He squandered the good will of the folks who got him into office by pandering to the piggish left. Pat should be panicking — and if he backs down on HB2 he is finished.

    You are right — this election should have been a lay down since Cooper should be up on charges for deriliction of duty in his abject failure to faithfully represent the citizens of NC. But since Pat is such a fool, surrounded by arrogant fools and advised by even bigger ones, the election will be down to the wire. Reminds me so much of Romney, who ran the worst campaign ever against the worst president ever — and now spends his time railing against Trump and the will of the people. Can you imagine what our country would be like if the GOPe took on the Democrats with the same vitriol and force they throw at GOP outsiders?? What a bunch of jerks.

    1. Yes, the R party is always in it for the short game while the leftists just lose…then lose…then lose…until they win. They have learned you don’t accept defeat, just ask again and again until you get yes. We will see this happen in England where they are already coming out of the shadows to ask for another vote on exiting the EU.

  3. It is hard to believe we have an incumbent Republican governor in dire trouble in a race with a ridiculous Democrat Party hack. This is what happens when the GOP Establishment declares war on conservatives instead of Democrats. HB2 is Pat’s only hope. We conservatives don’t even have that much hope to cling to.

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