Making it up as they go ….

judgeThe black-robed, law-school “educated’;’ crowd — enabled by our elected, alleged, “representatives” — are rolling right along with their efforts to shred the grand American experiment.  They’ve found a “right to abortion” in the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unlawful search and seizure.  They’ve found a
”constitutional right” to same-sex marriage.  They’ve found “constitutionality” in racial quotas and set-asides for college admissions.  Now, we’re being told — by the highest court in the land — it’s “unconstitutional” to hold abortion clinics to the same standards as other outpatient surgery centers:

The Supreme Court Monday voted 5-3 to strike down a Texas law regulating the state’s abortion clinics, finding the rules were an “undue burden” on a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy.[…] 

Gee.  I can’t find that “right to terminate pregnancy” ANYWHERE in those pesky first ten amendments to The Constitution.  THAT is where all of the rights are.  MORE: 

[…] The Texas law, signed in 2013 by then-Gov. Rick Perry, required abortion clinics to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers and mandated that physicians performing the procedure maintain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. Abortion-rights advocates said that if fully implemented, nearly e1010574_389074771193882_202631069_nvery clinic outside major cities such as Dallas and Houston would have to close, eliminating ready access to the procedure for women across the vast state.[…] 

Wait.  We’re told that abortion is an important medical procedure.  But we CAN’T regulate it in the same manner as — say — knee surgery? And what is so bad about having a doctor in-house who can admit someone to the hospital if something goes wrong? 

This kind of nonsense is what we get for capitulating — for surrendering  so much of our culture and our society to the radical left.  They’re training the lawyers in law school.  They’re training the future drivebys we entrust with keeping an eye on the government for us.  They are calling2_Founding_Father_facepalm_thread_8998251 the shots in the arts and entertainment world, where our cultural standards are made (or broken).

This ”make-it-up-as-we-go” mentality is something you’d expect in a Third World dictatorship.  NOT in the greatest, freest nation on the planet.  

We have gone so far astray of what our Founders intended with the creation of the judicial branch.  What was meant as a check on the other two branches, to ensure they were adhering to the language in our Founding Documents, has become tyranny in black robes.  Unelected ideologues in robes — with lifetime appointments — are molding and reshaping our society according to their whims.  And our ELECTED representatives are standing idly by and allowing it to happen– too gutless to make big decisions themselves.

THIS decision and the college admissions decision are pure jokes.  Akin to something dreamed up by a 5 year old who wandered into a courtroom and started playing judge.

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  1. I am baffled by this whole issue. So killing babies and trafficking in their parts is a “right” that should not be infringed upon. Regressive Leftists are all for the killing and mass murder that goes on. Flash forward to something actually spelled out as a right in our Constitution. Guns are mass murderers that cause carnage and need to be regulated, and ultimately taken away! We must get these out of all hands but the government! These situations only make sense in Regressive la la land.

    1. I’m baffled why Burr and company keep pushing for constitutional and Republican Party suicide by allowing these godawful judicial nominees to get so much as a hearing. Or more accurately, why we tolerate Burr and company for their dereliction of duty.

  2. The Republican Establishment has no problem with these wacky decisions. All they care about are the financial interests of their mega donors.

  3. The Republican Party is as fake as day time soap operas. They just pretend to be for or against things in order to fool ignorant voters.
    Similarly, most republican voters look at politics like college or pro sports . They believe if their team wins than that’s all they need to worry about. They’ll dismiss their duties to stay informed by ignorantly thinking these politicians will do the right thing?
    Sometimes these Republican actors/politicians attempt to dupe naive voters by pretending to be for against things. But, in reality the votes are already cast and they know the outcomes. “We really fought hard and just came up short.” How many times have we heard that one?
    Unless it’s election time, they will never mention the power of the purse. How many times has Tillis, McConnell, and Holding mentioned defunding Obama Care? But, all 3 have voted to fund it? Even this site has promoted George Holding to the point of being incompetent. George Holding voted for the cromnibus that funded Obama care, illegal amnesty, and all things liberal. After Geoge voted for this bill, he emailed me and told me it was a “real stinker of a bill.” Why didn’t Goorge fight for a better bill? It is ALL just an act, but some people actually believe it is real.
    Furthermore, why is Goerge a staunch supporter of Paul Ryan whose idealogy is more similar to Climton than Trump? Ryan loves the TPP which George supported. He loves open borders and illegal amnesty which George voted for in the cromnibus. And they both adore Obama Care because they keep on funding it.
    In conclusion anyone who believes these 2 bit Rinos will fight for anything or vote against the liberal machine will be disappointed. They will act and pretend similar to Victor Newman but that’s all you’ll get, a day time soap opera.

  4. All of the issues addressed by this column should be added to the agenda for our coming Article V Convention of States- along with term limits for SCOTUS and ALL of the federal judiciary. And I especially like Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments, particularly his proposal for an amendment to allow the Congress to REVERSE an unacceptable SCOTUS ruling. THAT’S the way the Founders would have wanted it to work- CONGRESS as “first among equals”.

  5. “The black-robed, law-school ‘educated’ crowd enabled by our elected, alleged ‘representatives'” is not about upholding the Constitution. They engage in a practice that seems to be a cross between Simon says and pronouncements from a medium during a séance.

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