Lefties PRAYING for Tillis or McCrory 2020 gubernatorial run

If you pay close enough attention  to  liberals, they will actually give you clues as to what they’re really up to.  Take this recent poll from  that leftist clown car known as Public Policy Polling.

They’re showing Pat McCrory (41% to 45% for Cooper) and Thom Tillis (37% to Cooper’s 46%)  as the two strongest Republican challengers to Roy Cooper.  Dan Forest comes in third, trailing Cooper 47%-35%.

Public Policy Polling IS a Democrat campaign consulting group.  Its founder and owner funded the faux Republican who ran against Barbara Jackson to split the vote and help Anita Earls get on the state Supreme Court.

This crew is all about what’s best for leftists and Democrats. They DO NOT have the best interests of Republicans at heart.

6 thoughts on “Lefties PRAYING for Tillis or McCrory 2020 gubernatorial run

  1. Polls at this juncture are mainly registering name recognition, and that is the scheme that PPP is using to
    try to con Republicans. What is telling though is that an incumbent under 50% is an incumbent in trouble. They may have revealed Cooper’s weakness more than anything.

    1. Great point. Dan will have people coming out of every nook and cranny (legally) in 2020.

      Thom will Run for re-election.

  2. Such BS. PPP is just trying to egg McCrory into running to water down eventual support for Forest! Dan Forest is our biggest chance to move back in the direction we should be!

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