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NO privacy for YOU! (No fed $$$$ either)

Cats and dogs living together.  Boys and girls going potty together.  It’s finally HERE!  (*Not the hope and change you voted for? Um, sorry.*) Lincoln reunified the country.  Kennedy took us to the moon.  LBJ got us the Civil Rights Act. Nixon went to China….

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NCGOP chairman makes his pick in 17-candidate field for NC-13 GOP nod

Last weekend, mutineers concerned with the behavior of Hasan Harnett tossed him out and replaced him with walking fossil Robin Hayes.  This past weekend, Robin Hayes chaired the NCGOP state convention — spouting a bunch of talk about party unity. This coming Friday, Hayes and…

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#ncgop-con: Eleven hours, THREE VOTES. (WTF?) Brody, Triumphant. (Chu? Robbed.) Bags on heads.

Let’s see.  It appears the NCGOPe — now allegedly a super-efficient, finely-tuned machine since Hasan Harnett is out and Dallas Woodhouse’s grandpa is in charge — took ELEVEN HOURS to hold THREE votes.  THREE. Count ’em.  (Even Jones Street can do better than that.  And they…

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#ncgop-con: Mark Brody. Miriam Chu. The Exorcist Girl. (And, DUDE, where’s my agenda???)

The fun and games have begun in Greensboro.  Let’s discuss … THE RNC VOTE.   The two names you need to remember are Mark Brody and Miriam Chu.  If you’ve been disgusted by the sucking up to the GOPe by the current duo of Lewis &…

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#NC-02 Club For Growth: ABNN (Anybody BUT Nee-Nee)

The drivebys are stunned — stunned, I tell you — that the conservative Club For Growth would come out against the reelection of “Trump ally” Renee Ellmers.  Yes, this is the same woman who — just a few years ago, in response to criticisms that…

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#nc-13: Hey, THIS Budd’s for YOU. (at least, according to The Club For Growth)

The word I am hearing out of the 13th district GOP race is that this is state Rep. Julia Howard’s to lose.  The Club For Growth, one of the nation’s leading pro- free market political voices, has examined that crowded pack of candidates and made…

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#ncgop: All in the (dysfunctional) family

This weekend’s NCGOP convention is shaping up to make the WWE (or any episode of Maury) look like a Wednesday night prayer meeting in comparison. NC $pin:  Remember the big fuss about the fees being charged delegates attending the affair?  It played a huge part…

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#ncga: Naming Names. (Jason Saine, Kelly Hastings, Tom James … )

On the face of it, H1042 looks like good policy.  It appears to require candidates for office to account for EVERY DIME their campaign takes in.  If a person gives you ONE DOLLAR, you need their name, address, and occupation for your campaign report.  Some…

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It’s Trump Time. (Now what?)

I know there are mixed emotions about Donald Trump among my friends on the right.  I have to admit my heart was with Ted Cruz, but it looks like that ain’t gonna happen.  I forgot who it was in sports that said ‘You play with…

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Activist: Robin Hayes return, legacy of 2012, don’t bode well for integrity of 2016 GOP convention

That’s what NCGOP activist, and 2012 RNC delegate Sammy Dodd tells us in a written statement provided to us exclusively: As soon as I heard the news that Robin Hayes was elected the new NCGOP Chairman at the April 30th NCGOP Executive Committee Meeting and…