#ncgop-con: Mark Brody. Miriam Chu. The Exorcist Girl. (And, DUDE, where’s my agenda???)

The fun and games have begun in Greensboro.  Let’s discuss …

THE RNC VOTE.   The two names you need to remember are Mark Brody and mcMiriam Chu.  If you’ve been disgusted by the sucking up to the GOPe by the current duo of Lewis & Fisher, Brody & Chu WILL send a tingle up your leg.  Both of them are principled conservatives who don’t mind calling B.S. when they see it.  If you want CHANGE, 663voting FOR Brody and Chu for RNC Committeeman and Committeewoman is a good start.

Word on the street is that Ada Fisher will be nominated, but will decline — from the floor — and, instead, nominate the treacherous Zan Bunn.  Remember Zan and her teamwork with Ma Cotten and her lovely daughter to ambush and bludgeon Hasan Harnett?  (Good. I thought you might.)

Miriam Chu.  Mark Brody.  That’s the team for NC at the RNC.

Becki Gray’s head is spinning. Just like that little girl in The Exorcist.  The John Locke Foundation diva taped NC Spin Wednesday night and was breathlessly excited about the elevation of Dallas Woodhouse’s grandpa tothe-exorcist-1973--05 the party chairman’s slot.  She praised Hayes for ”touring the state” and “bringing people together.”  Funny, though.  Hayes was having his FIRST public meet-and-greet as chairman while this show was being taped.  He started the job on SATURDAY.    And, with the word I am getting about (1) convention delegates wearing bags over their heads inscribed with ‘Robin is NOT my chairman,’ and (2) motions to have his appointment declared invalid, I am NOT seeing the unity.  

Dude, where’s my agenda?  I was struck by the number of convention delegates telling me they had not seen an agenda as late as this afternoon.  They said they dude_wheres_my_car_profilelargewould click on the Agenda link on the NCGOP convention site (whose domain name, by the way, is owned by a guy in South Carolina – a story for another day) and would simply be referred back to the main page of the site.

Said one attendee I spoke with:  “I am heading out armed only with my Eventbrite confirmation I paid and vague knowledge of the location in Greensboro.  This is the least amount of info I’ve ever had in advance of this event.”

Right now, the agenda IS posted.  According to what’s up on the site, attendees are being entertained by SOMEBODY named Pete Hegseth who is apparently signing books.

 On Sunday, these good folks are going to be treated to Ralph Reed (Jerry Falwell’s sidekick from the 1980s) and reality TV’s Benham brothers.

 *That leg tingling yet?* 


15 thoughts on “#ncgop-con: Mark Brody. Miriam Chu. The Exorcist Girl. (And, DUDE, where’s my agenda???)

  1. When Dallas Woodhouse briefly took the podium to make some announcements, he received a scattering of boos from around the floor. Has an NCGOP ED ever been booed by a state convention before? I doubt it. But we have never had an ED who was as controversial within the party as this one.

    Hasan Harnett was in some of the hospitality suites. There was one rumor circulating that there would be an attempt to nominate him for committeeman tomorrow, but there was no sign of him campaigning for anything. I do not give much credence to the rumor.

    A. J. Daoud had a hospitality suite, again with no indication of him running for anything, but there was a rumor around about him running for committeeman.

  2. I am not attending this year’s convention but I know in year’s past they have given delegates a tote bag when they register filled with goodies including 2 booklets one with an agenda and Candidate Info and another booklet with the Rules, Plan of Organization and Resolutions.

    The agenda that is posted on the website is a very vague summary of the Conventions events.

    1. The same vague one was printed in the booklets. A seperate agenda with the full breakdown was on another sheet of regular paper that was in some peoples bags and not others

  3. This whole thing is a joke. MA Cotten mouth made me feel great. Walked all over me and did not speak. Made me proud.

  4. I don’t know Mr. Brody, but I met Miriam Chu about two years ago and have gotten to know her very well. She is a highly intelligent and principled woman, yet genuinely humble. She’s a voracious reader and has developed her political philosophy out of a deep pool of ideas and hard life experiences in the real world.

    She’s possessed of the courage to walk into the lions’ den and the wisdom to know when it’s not necessary. I’ve witnessed her put what was right before what was popular, knowing the “bottles and rocks” would follow. They did and she has weathered some nasty, backstabbing, smear campaigns. She purposefully studies the cloak-and-dagger, Judas’ Kiss machinations of politics in the Major Leagues. She’s enlightened me about things that purged naivete I thought I’d already shed.

    She didn’t ask me for this endorsement, but I believe Miriam Chu is well-prepared for the ruthless arenas of state and national politics. I am not a Republican but I am a staunch conservative. Miriam and I have some potent disagreements about the GOP, of which I am no admirer, and I have no doubt that the party would be served tirelessly and well by Mrs. Chu, a steel rod Republican who walks with both eyes wide open.

  5. Poor attendance – 962 including seated alternates, due to excessive registration fee and heavy handed acts last weekend that discouraged grassroots delegates. Looks like some want to be bigger fish in a smaller pond This is very sad for the party.

    Billy Miller is still acting like a Soviet Commissar. The old Cruz team, now functioning as Constitutional Conservatives had set up a system of signaling appropriated votes by using ping pong paddles colored green or red raised above key people’s heads. Commissar Miller, for purely factional power play reasons arbitrary told them these were banned as ”dangerous” which was patently ridiculous. His own people at the microphones are waving flags with long sticks vigorously with pointed ends and long sticks. If anything is dangerous, it is those flags, NOT the ping pond paddles. This was just an abuse of power by Miller to disrupt floor communications among conservatives. Miller is a little thug and when conservatives take over, he should not be allowed near a GOP meeting.

    The rules were also written to be overbearing with one provision to impede alternative slates of national delegates from the floor and another to require a 2/3rds vote to pass resolutions. Anti-grassroots former chairman Claude Pope admitted on the floor that the latter was originally his idea. Both of those overbearing rules are very anti-grassroots. Challenges to both of those rules failed. I guess that was one reason Commissar Miller banned the paddles.

    1. UPDATE on Miller’s shutting down the Constitutional Conservatives communications system: Governor McCrory’s team passed out signs with handles on them that were similar to the paddles but a big larger and Miller did not say a word about them, although they were being waived around for about an hour right in front of them. Apparently that was okay by Billy Miller for McCrory but not for the Constitutional Conservatives. Finally, after Miller had let those go for an hour or so, someone went to a microphone and made a point about them, and at that time Miller finally ordered that they be put on the floor.

      Billy Miller runs meetings in a very biased manner for his side, but he is slick enough that you often have to catch him at it.

      1. Said it was dangerous to have them with sticks. What a joke. But for electoral college vote, wake county had people walking up and down the aisles with handmade signs and that was ok.

        1. I wonder how many pistols there were on the floor. Republicans strongly support the second amendment and many have concealed carry permits. I personally know of two delegates who were carrying during the convention, and there were probably a lot more. If anyone tried to use a ping pong paddle as a weapon, there was a lot of firepower to stop it.

          Miller was just behaving as a petty little dictator to disrupt his side’s political adversaries. It is laughable that anyone would even argue that those ping pong paddles were ”dangerous” to anyone.

    2. 2/3 votes – someone asked for a ?? – It meant that they wanted a new vote. rules said that if you voted on the winning side and new information had come to light – you could request it. No new information was given and the vote was allowed. Then tides changed. Shortly after that, someone challenged quorum and didn’t meet it. Wasn’t there for 2/3 vote either. That bought more time to bring in more pro-rhino’s to even score the next day on voting.

  6. UPDATE- Mark Brody was elected, with a proper vote procedure by a decent margin. Miriam Chu had her seat stolen by a questionable voting procedure which was subject to inaccuracy and abuse, and the announced total claimed she lost by 3 votes.

    All afternoon, the usual suspects kept trying to run out the clock with various tactics. Both Zan Bunn and Kim Cotten-West had their fingerprints on the process, and Billy Miller kept facilitating it. One of the establishment hacks then moved to do the National Committeewoman election by standing vote and tried to avoid the candidates even being able to speak. This eliminated all safeguards as to accuracy and honesty of the count, since tellers appointed by the establishment did the only count of the vote with nobody looking over their shoulders. The lateness of the hour at that point allowed him to get away with this scam. A vote by counties would have allowed both sides in each county to monitor the process so that the count would be accurate and honest but that was thrown out the window, with Billy Miller going right along with it.

    Hasan Harnett also demanded in open convention that he be provided with documentation of notice of last Saturday’s charges and openly stated to the convention that he had not received any notice whatsoever. Someone else raised the issue of the copies of the petitions to call the meeting and the documents charging Harnett. Billy Miller claimed that those had been availible for inspection with the signatures at last Saturday’s meeting, but a couple of delegates who had been at last Saturday’s meeting said they had asked for them at that meeting and been told that they were not availible. The removal of Harnett appears to have been a fraud since there was no proper notice to Harnett of the meeting.

    It is interesting that Stark, who ruled against holding the hearing on removing Lewis due to Lewis saying he had not received the certified letter sent by the petition organizer to the address where Lewis was registered to vote. Stark clearly is applying a very different standard to Hasan Harnett.

    There appears to be some serious hanky panky going on with the top offices of our party.

    We now have an illegitimate National Committeewoman to go with our illegitimate state chairman. The party leadership is becoming a joke.

    1. Not becoming a joke. Exposed for all to see, that it has been a joke for years.

  7. Without the grassroots, the NCGOP has no ground game. They pushed us too far this time. Better get a pair of good walking shoes if they want their special candidates to win.

  8. Ms Chu would have had no voice to speak. Fisher decided to nominate herself and left everyone baffled. The reason was so she could speak during the nomination time and use it as her campaign speech. Luckily, someone figured out what was going on and got to microphone fast. The lady said Fisher was given an unfair advantage to nominate herself so she could speak. Said that the person nominating Chu should be allowed to give her the time. They gave it to her – without that quick thinking, Chu wouldn’t have been been seen.

  9. You are correct Delegate Z. This is how politics has been for 150 years. It was always a wink and a nod to get anything done. It is just that now the internet is getting more people involved and there are more people watching. At least I don’t think we are as bad off as the Democrats. We just have to keep pushing the GOPe until they are pushed out. I would say it is about equal in numbers now. Next year we should be able to win it all. Start recruiting now for party positions in 2017. You don’t like the Central Committee? Find people to replace them or step up yourself. The election for ALL the Central Committee positions will be in April 2017.

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