#nc-13: Hey, THIS Budd’s for YOU. (at least, according to The Club For Growth)

The word I am hearing out of the 13th district GOP race is that this is state Rep. Julia Howard’s to lose.  The Club For Growth, one of the nation’s leading pro- free market political voices, has examined that crowded pack of candidates and made a surprising pick no one saw coming: 189358

The Club for Growth PAC today announced its endorsement of businessman Ted Budd for the U.S. House from North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District. The seat is effectively an open race after court-ordered redistricting.

“Ted Budd is a successful entrepreneur who is ready to take on Washington,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “He’s a pro-growth outsider who has never run for public office. While developing the family business and owning his own successful gun store, Ted has faced the government’s crushing burden on small businesses, and we’re confident that he stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field in this race and that he’ll be a strong fighter for limited-government policies.”

Here’s Ted’s web site.

There must be something about that name “Ted.” The Club was a strong critic of Donald Trump in the presidential campaign while praising TED Cruz.

I don’t know much about Mr. Budd, but The Club tends to come down on the issues the same way I often do.  If they like him, he’s worth checking out. 

4 thoughts on “#nc-13: Hey, THIS Budd’s for YOU. (at least, according to The Club For Growth)

  1. It’s a shame that a no name, never involved in the Republican Party whatsoever person whose father worth millions can obtain this PACs endorsement. Something is amiss and clearly influence is being used to buy a seat in Congress.

    Also if I understand what I have heard is correct Julia Howard is suffering from the beginning stages of dementia. If true I can only hope she does well.

    1. Not to mention that Howard is one of the original Morgan 5 that cost the GOP the house leadership. I would never vote for her.

    2. The Club for Growth is a solid conservative PAC and does a very thorough job in vetting candidates. They were supporting Jim Duncan very strongly against Renee Ellmers. If they are backing Budd, that tells you he is a solid conservative with no RINO tendencies. The other national PAC that is on the same high level as the Club for Growth is the Senate Conservatives Fund, which now also has a House program (they also got in behind Jim Duncan).

      As to those candidates who have been active in the party, particularly elected officials, most of them have some serious RINO baggage. Julia Howard was one of the Richard Morgan traitors. She should have been thrown out of the party at the same time Morgan was. Harry Warren is the best friend of illegal aliens in the legislature and pushed drivers licenses for them. Andrew Brock once had good conservative credentials, but he sold out in a major way in endorsing establishment golden boy Marco ”Gang of 8” Rubio for president. Since he sold out conservatives on the presidential race, he would likely do so in Congress as well. Looking at that sort of baggage, perhaps a fresh face is exactly what we need.

  2. Isn’t the Club for Growth the same ones that burned through millions trying to knee cap Trump? They aren’t my cup of tea

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