Feds STILL dumping unaccompanied illegal kids in Carolinas

crowdRemember all of that hubbub about Central and South American kids pouring across our southern borders?  Well, it died down after a while. The drivebys had the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner to wax philosophically about. 

In the meantime, the federal government has been dumping all kinds of these illegal kids in each of the fifty states.   Since October 2013, a total of 3629 unaccompanied minors have been turned over to “sponsors” within the state of North Carolina.  Of those, a subtotal of 732 came into the Tar Heel State with federal help between October 2015 and March 2016.

Since October 2013, South Carolina has taken in 1197 of the little darlings.  

You KNOW that every one of those kids is going to tap into some aspect of all of that social services cash available in each state.  While our leaders twiddle their thumbs and fret about the lack of sensitivity in protecting the border, we are being hit with a flood of humanity ugly-anchor-babythat will further burden the local welfare state, drive down wages, and doing further damaging our society.

When this story first broke, Gov. Pat McCrory complained that the feds were giving his administration little to no informaiton about the location of these kids and the status or identity of their “sponsors.”

*The good news out of this?  The little darlings won’t have to worry about translating the words and symbols on the bathroom doors anymore.*