Feds STILL dumping unaccompanied illegal kids in Carolinas

crowdRemember all of that hubbub about Central and South American kids pouring across our southern borders?  Well, it died down after a while. The drivebys had the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner to wax philosophically about. 

In the meantime, the federal government has been dumping all kinds of these illegal kids in each of the fifty states.   Since October 2013, a total of 3629 unaccompanied minors have been turned over to “sponsors” within the state of North Carolina.  Of those, a subtotal of 732 came into the Tar Heel State with federal help between October 2015 and March 2016.

Since October 2013, South Carolina has taken in 1197 of the little darlings.  

You KNOW that every one of those kids is going to tap into some aspect of all of that social services cash available in each state.  While our leaders twiddle their thumbs and fret about the lack of sensitivity in protecting the border, we are being hit with a flood of humanity ugly-anchor-babythat will further burden the local welfare state, drive down wages, and doing further damaging our society.

When this story first broke, Gov. Pat McCrory complained that the feds were giving his administration little to no informaiton about the location of these kids and the status or identity of their “sponsors.”

*The good news out of this?  The little darlings won’t have to worry about translating the words and symbols on the bathroom doors anymore.*

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  1. The photo in your article is telling. I wonder how many of these ”illegal kids” coming over the US border are actually children? It looks like the Obama crowd just takes their word for it, so that they get the preferential treatment reserved for children.

    A couple European countries, inundated with Muslim migrants / refugees started examining the illegal migrants who claimed to be children to determine if they were actually children or were adults claiming to be children. In Austria, 50% of those claiming to be children were determined to actually be adults lying about their age, while in Norway, that number hit an incredible 90%.


    1. Not only are you correct, but the unwillingness and even inability to vet the invaders from the globalists/NATO/UN/NWO created “refugee crisis” has caused a great deal of child abuse and trauma in refugee centers across Europe. Men who are lying about their age have been put in the same housing as minors. Many small children, both male and female, have been raped and otherwise abused in what has been called by one defendant a “sexual emergency” caused by leaving his wife and children at home in the Middle East. Apparently he didn’t deem it too dangerous for them, or perhaps he was just another jihadi being driven out to the West by Russian forces, who really have been bombing ISIS. The few Christians being allowed to escape their guaranteed persecution or death are particularly at risk in the refugee centers. Progressive libtards, who run the show, are completely blind to the obvious need to separate Christians and Muslims. For them that smacks of “Islamophobia” .

      It just came out that a young man who had a famous photo op with Angela Merckel is known to have raped over 30 boys in his refugee center. He entices very young and extremely poor refugee boys into sodomy, and pays them a few lira each.

      I have really had my eyes opened to how much Satan hates the family as God’s core unit of His outworking in the world. Whether it is dangerous vaccine protocols, GMO foods, endangering women for the sake of a few people who want to identify as a transexual, or bringing in invading armies of people whose belief systems are totally opposed to Western law and culture, the purpose is the destruction of all of God’s creation; and particularly the family.

      1. Very good post Christine and I completely agree!
        It’s hard to believe as I sit in the safety and comfort of my own home that such atrocities are taking place in real time in our own state. It makes me wonder about our state leaders and how much they are REALLY fighting to resist the horrendous influx of undocumented children. As for the perpetrators of crimes against these ‘children’ is something that needs to be addressed immediately. That can be done using more vigilance and monitoring of these refugee centers.
        It also amazes me how these Charity organizations….and there are literally hundreds of them across the country… who are paid by the tax payers for processing refugees, feeding them, getting them settled and making sure they have benefits that seem to exceed the level of what we give to our own homeless Veterans!!!!! It makes me sick just thinking about it and I will never accept their so-called ‘charitable’ deeds, which in my opinion are bogus.
        When I was growing up, the old saying was:- “Charity begins at home.”

  2. When the 1st illegal dump was taken I was told by a very significant individual that a letter by the Southern Poverty Law Center accompanied each student. Specifically it carried instructions to school officials with respect to what questions of the new student could be asked. So I ask, does this not void the significance of a county school board?

    Also, and I admit this is hearsay, that the “sponsers” were being blessed with $7,000 per month for their participation in the endeavor. So I ask, who signs the checks? Who selects the sponsers? Who ” in the hell” in their right American mind would condone such?

    Browny Douglas

  3. Everyone needs to follow Ann Corcoran, the go-to person on all things refugee settlement. She’s been at this a long time, and knows where ALL the skeletons are hidden. You’d be surprised at how many of our NC churches are ‘sub-contractors’ to the Feds smuggling these folks around in the middle of the night and plunking them down in virtually classified locations.
    Go to https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com and make it as a Favorite on your system. Get on her mailing list. This is stuff the pols would rather not admit to knowing about.

  4. Our Catholuc diocese is an big “sponsor/advocate” of the “immigrants”..they (the diocese) get money for caring for the “immigrants”. Federal money, not well spent in my opinion. Other faiths are on the band wagon as well. This is a case where ther must be a separation of church and state. Good hearted folks who feel that they are serving the Lord by their support of the folks pouring into this country need to wake up and smell the roses. Let us care for those who are here not spend inordinate amounts of money on the ones pouring over the Border.

  5. There are things that we could and should be doing at the state level on this issue. Tennessee has withdrawn from the intergovernmental compact with the federal government on placing refugees in their state. When the Obama crowd kept doing it anyway, the state legislature has voted overwhelmingly to sue the Obama administration over it.

    The real choke point the state has is imposing extremely strict licensure on the agencies that place these refugees and operate within North Carolina. We need a bill in the legislature to do that. There should be very strenuous vetting requirements to be sure they are not terrorists or criminals. The agency should have to certify to that, and be absolutely liable to victims of any terrorist or criminal activity of the refugees they place, as should its officers and directors personally and any employee involved in any way in a placement that goes bad. To be sure that there is money availible to pay victims, the agency should have to post an extremely large bond to cover such liability. They should be required to verify through physical development testing the age of any refugee who claims to be a minor. They should also be required to provide as a condition of licensure a list of all active placements in the state to the state government. Even better would be a public disclosure of placements along the lines of the registered sex offender lists. To enforce compliance with the licensure laws, operating a refugee placement agency or engaging in refugee placement activities without being licensed should be made a felony.

    The choke point is cranking down on the placement agencies, not fighting the Obama administration.

    Another choke point is welfare. The feds give these migrants a few months of welfare and then dump them on the states. North Carolina should be very strict in verifying identity and age before welfare through state agencies is granted. For all non-citizens, a valid international passport that is verified through their home country should be required. Countries whose passports are widely counterfeited, like Syria, or which cannot be verified through official government sources, should not be accepted.

    There are things that North Carolina can do to make our state very unattractive to the placement agencies compared to others.

    1. Excellent course of action, Raphael. I would also add that all vetting, from medical screening thru psychological profiling (as the Israelis do so well for terrorists), will be done strictly overseas, before they step onto US territory. If you are 16 – 50 years old and a male, you are ineligible for refugee status. Go back and fight for your people. It’s what men do. Do these, and you’d drop that 100,000 refugee figure to 10,000 in an instant. Then distribute those remaining 10,000 among the 56 Islamic nations around the world. Problem solved for everyone.

      Now, will Jerry Tillman and Jamie Boles champion legislation here in North Carolina to make that happen? Let’s ask them here.

      Hey, gentlemen, will you step up to the plate and take the lead on taming this jihadi infiltration scam?

  6. WHEN we start removing all 11 million illegal aliens from our midst (early 2017, if all goes to plan) we MUST remove all these “kids” as well. We must simply ASSUME the lying Obama weasels have lied about the legitimacy of them being here, and see to it that they are GONE with the rest of the trash.

  7. If you want to see what bringing a few hundred Muslim ”refugees” to a medium sized town can do to that town, this article from a major British newspaper on what happened to such a town in Sweden is an eye opener:


    Do we want that here?

    Of course, most border children are not Muslims, but they come from countries where young teens and up are frequently members of criminal gangs like MS-13 that are so violent that they almost make the Hells Angels look like the Boy Scouts in comparision. The Obama administration does not remove those border children with MS-13 tatoos or even those who have been caught trying to recruit others for MS-13 in the reception facilities. They send them on out to the states with the others, and they end up in our communities and in our schools.

    New York and South Carolina have had legislation introduced to create public registries of refugees. That is another tack, NC needs to take.

    We should all remember that the Boston Marathon bombers were both young Muslim refugees.

  8. NC does not have to keep these children (?) just because Obama is
    sending them here. Send them back to the border to be sent back home. If they came here with no papers and came illegally, then send them right back where they came from. Let some of these other countries take these children. We Seniors are already been shorted in our Social Security payments. For 3 years my monthly payment has been decreased & the cost of my ins. has gone up (Medicare). It is time for the US to STOP keeping all these illegals. Take them back to the border and send them back. They can go to
    another country! The US cannot feed & fund the world’s illegals just like the US cannot fight everyone’s wars. Someone has to take a stand for our country and its citizens including the Seniors!!!! Now is the time to start protecting our people, not policing the world’s population. A lot of these illegals commit crimes vs. US people. Stop! Stop! Stop! The free reign across the border must be stopped now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This invasion needs to be stopped. I keep reading that all people need to be protected. How about Americans first?
    If they come here illegally, they should be imprisoned and forced to work hard labor until the costs of housing, and sending them back are covered plus interest. Perhaps medical companies would pay to use them

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