Richard Burr: Barry & Harry’s useful idiot





Apparently, Richard Burr thinks keeping The New York Times happy IS more important than saving the country. 

As the US Senate voted 81-19 to shove a knife in the back of American taxpayers, Richard Burr took one more swipe at people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who valiantly tried to put the brakes on a runaway train:

[…] Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina took a swipe at his fellow Republican senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah, as well as House members who linked government financing to defunding the health care law, which is financed by its own designated revenues and spending cuts.

“Let’s just say sometimes learning what can’t be accomplished is an important long-term thing,” Mr. Burr said, “and hopefully for some of the members they’ve learned it’s impossible to defund mandatory programs by shutting down the federal government.”

The media and the Washington establishment have touted the Senate spending vote as a grand compromise.  Let’s see what we got:  a debt ceiling increase through mid-November and a blank check for the federal bureaucracy through January.   Spending is increasing and the debt is growing.  The Democrats and Barry got what they wanted.  And we’ll be right back here in this same position in mid-November AND January.  *TALK about profiles in courage.*

We’ve got $17 trillion in debt, and DICK Burr wants to add to it.  There’s no interest in  following the budgeting requirements laid out by The Constitution.  There’s no interest in reducing our debt for the sake of future generations.

This is the latest stab in the back DICK Burr has subjected us to.  He’s voted for gun control, for women in combat, and for gays in the military.  He’s voted multiple times to keep the runaway spending train speeding down the track.  When Rand Paul was standing up for us in his filibuster earlier this year, ol’ DICK was out being wined and dined by Barry at a posh DC restaurant.  How is this any different from what Senator Erskine Bowles or Elane Marshall would have given us?

DICK told us that trying to defund ObamaCare was “the dumbest idea” he’d ever heard.  (I’m sure he’s heard dumber things hanging around with John McCain and Lindsey Graham.)  Big Barry liked that quote from ol’ DICK so much that he used it in speeches to beat down Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s valiant efforts.

When it came time to stand up for the American people, and take a stand against out-of-control government spending and indebtedness, Burr stood with his buddies in Washington.  It’s not about serving the folks back home anymore. He has visions of chairmanships, VP nominations, and a fat K Street paycheck dancing in his empty head. 

DICK Burr is useless.  He’s a disgrace.  He is government waste and overreach personified.  I have Winston-area sources who tell me that Burr moans privately about how the Senate is no fun anymore.  Now that his BFF Saxby Chambliss is leaving the Senate, Burr is reportedly mulling doing the same thing in 2016.  If his heart is no longer in the job, DICK Burr needs to quit now.  Let someone else step in who is really interested in serving the people of North Carolina.

It appears that Burr is intent on spending the next three years screwing us over, saddling us with The Ruling Class agenda and six years of Senator Thom Tillis.