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#NCSEN: Interesting correlation between Tillis comments, fundraising

On September 14, state House speaker and US Senate candidate Thom Tillis made news at a GOP picnic in Wilmington: North Carolina State Representative and Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis spoke at a picnic for Republicans Saturday at Snow’s Cut Park. Tillis is challenging…

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Most of Common Core is OK. Just tweak it. O-Care? Forget repealing it. Let’s FIX IT.

It’s too bad that we have to turn to history books detailing events of generations long ago to appreciate principled American leaders.  These days — party platforms are flexible and “living” — *kinda like that Constitution thingie*.  Platform planks — like campaign promises — are…

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WRAL: NC state House speaker Thom Tillis owns a business. Located in SC. (Incorporated in FLA.)

      State House speaker and Senate candidate Thom Tillis likes to talk about what the General Assembly — under his leadership — has done to improve the business climate in the Tar Heel State.  Yet — according to some research by WRAL —…

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*Surprise ! * New taxes make stuff cost more.

The mainstream media and their lefty politico allies are perpetually hollering about “fairness” in the tax code.  *Those people who have accumulated all that cash need to have MORE of it taken from them — and given to US. * Every time taxes are part…

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A Haymaker Christmas (A poet and I didn’t know it)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Haymaker HQ News was a little slow – so we needed something to do. One minion spoke up and said “Hey boss, let’s review.’’ Republicans took over in Raleigh.  Democrats were in charge of stuff less and…

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Cronyism and Govt cash not the best way to give long-term boost to economy

We’ve got it pretty good here in Moore County.  One of the lowest tax rates (and crime rates) in North Carolina.  World-class golf courses.  Lots of great dining and shopping.  Plenty of cultural opportunities.  Pretty good schools.  A great place to raise a family or…

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psst, KAY: Your bill might be A JOB-KILLER

    US Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) — affectionately known in many parts as Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet™ — has filed a bill seeking an extension of federal unemployment benefits.  Imagine that. Right in front of a tough reelection fight. CNBC’s John Carney makes the…

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Meet the new state agency. (Same as the old scandal-plagued state agency?)

    McClatchy and other mainstream media outlets blew the doors off of The NC Rural Center earlier this year — exposing all kinds of cronyism and corruption to public view.  Politicos in Raleigh expressed their outrage and huffed and puffed about how something like…

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Coastal residents going toe-to-toe with environmentalists on controversial projects

Residents on The Outer Banks are getting fed up with an environmental group that has tied up construction of an important new bridge for that community.  The residents’ struggle has earned them some powerful new allies in the form of state legislative leaders and Gov….

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US House approves tax increase, spending increases in Murray-Ryan deal (Some NC, SC GOPers help)

John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and the rest of the House GOP leadership have pretty much stomped out the last vestiges of the GOP’s claim to being the party of smaller government.  A bi-partisan group, 332-94 approved the spending “compromise” hammered out and announced…