NC-02: Renee picks ANOTHER ill-advised fight

renee_ellmers_APMark Twain was credited with this piece of wisdom: “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”   If Mr. Clemens were alive today, I am sure he would amend that quote to include people with widely-read blogs or national radio audiences. 

I am convinced that Renee Ellmers (R) is purposefully trying to get herself fired from her safe Republican seat in the US House of Representatives. This woman is amazing.  She has verbally abused Tea Partiers in her district.  Ellmers has been scarce around her district, instead choosing junkets to Vegas and Utah ski resorts and appearances on MSNBC showsdownload (55)

Defunding ObamaCare and opposition to amnesty are two of the TOP positions held by voters in the Second congressional district.  Yet, our girl has come out against defunding O-Care and FOR John Boehner’s amnesty cave.  Her primary opponent, radio host and college lecturer Frank Roche, has been bludgeoning Ellmers on both of her positions.  He has been endorsed by anti-amnesty groups NC Listen and Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC).

News broke today that Ellmers told off conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on-the-air, calling her “ignorant.”  Not the wisest move for an incumbent Republican seeking reelection support from a lot of Laura Ingraham fans. 

So, how has Ingraham responded?  Check out this post, from a few minutes ago, on Facebook by  Ellmers primary opponent Frank Roche:


6 thoughts on “NC-02: Renee picks ANOTHER ill-advised fight

    1. Laura would make a superb Congresswoman, but Renee would be as awful on radio as she has been in Congress. Besides, the liberal network that might have hired Ellmers, Air America, is out of business.

      1. Well yeah, but there is still the Blowhard GOP liberal of the East (Henry ‘Big Hen’ Hinton and “Talk of the Town.” Renee would fit in quite nicely there. They could have a grand time badmouthing Laura Ingraham and eastern Carolina conservatives could call in and gleefully correct two buffoon stooges instead of one.

  1. Great interview. Laura Ingraham accuses Ellmers of having picked up talking points from democrats. Actually, Ellmers is repeating Thom Tillis WORD for WORD on this issue. “My farmer friends tell me they need this” “North Carolina – help the farmers!” The subsequent schooling she received about free markets – exactly! I have said the same thing to several Tillis supporters… The farmers I know aren’t hiring illegal slave labor in order to get by. So why are Troxler & his people, then? Oh yeah, Thom is in bed with ag. biotech p3s, aka Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, & co. Wonder if these are the farmer friends to which he refers? The ones we’re already subsidizing with our tax dollars for them to devise new ways to alter and poison our food supply. Let the free markets WORK, already! Control freaks have a real hard time with that, though.

    1. Yep… if you have to cheat and commit illegal acts to produce your product at a low enough cost – then you’re doing it wrong and perhaps you dont need to be in business.

      In many ways, farms are just like any other enterprise – you need to innovate and compete or you dont stay in business…. but that process almost always ends up with more, cheaper, better goods for consumers.

      I’m not interested in “helping” people who end up not being able to compete in an open market…. and that’s not an appropriate role of government. 🙂

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