#NCGA #NCSEN: The film-maker vs. The Speaker-who-would-be-senator

download (41)Citizen-journalist Nicole Revels — who produced the much discussed fisheries policy documentary currently burning up our comments section — is now turning her focus on the top man in the NC House of Representatives.

In her video, Revels displays a passage from a Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina newsletter which reported the following:

[…] House speaker Thom Tillis (Mecklenburg) has directed Representative Tom Murry (Wake) and Representative Tim Moffitt (Buncombe) to lead the game fish efforts in the North Carolina House.  Through their leadership, we have been contacting both House and Senate members to gauge their support and enlist bill sponsors in both chambers. CCA-NC is encouraged by the support we are receiving, especially in the House. We recognize that the Senate will prove more challenging as there are some senators who have expressed support for the commercial fishing industry on this issue. However, we are working with several members of that body to make sure we will be ready to proceed.” […]

The legislature is not in session, and Tillis is busy running for the US Senate.  He’s been avoiding public forums during the GOP primary, but has been quite visible on Facebook.  Tillis regularly engages voters in state government policy discussions in that forum.  So, Revels took to Facebook to try and get Tillis to comment on the report from the CCA-NC newsletter featured in her documentary:


An interesting response from Speaker Thom — since I’ve seen prior occasions where he has engaged Ms. Revels and her friends in policy discussions via Facebook.  

But Revels didn’t let that comment from Tillis go:


13 thoughts on “#NCGA #NCSEN: The film-maker vs. The Speaker-who-would-be-senator

  1. Not aware that Nicole has ever attacked Tillis personally, as he alleges. Her primary concern is public policy, and poor old Thom consistently proves himself a central planner with little regard to free markets.

  2. Tillis finds it difficult, or out right refuses, to answer the tough questions. Is it possible that he knows he can’t answer without getting himself into hot water? It is also bothersome that he refuses to participate in debates that include the other candidates. Is the Speaker of the House intimidated by candidates who will answer questions with complete transparency, while he refuses to do so? Nicole Revels has presented a documentary that gets to the truth of the matter regarding the CCA and the commercial fisherman. Browny Douglas is a reliable source for the unfortunate comment Tillis made about not caring if we lose some Republican seats. Nicole has succeeded in exposing the connection and the remark made by Tillis. It appears that Tillis is again hiding from his constituents to protect himself. We need a Senator who will provide complete transparency. It looks like Thom Tillis is not able to do this.

  3. Outstanding job Nicole. She is a true citizen activist. Keep shining the light and make him feel the heat. He can only hide if we the people allow him to. Ignoring the people of this great State is inexcusable in and of itself, but stories like these tell us exactly why he is afraid to face us. Can you imagine interviewing for a job and refusing to go to the interview? That is unacceptable in the private sector and is no longer status quo in the public sector.

  4. Thom Tillis is the fellow who I hear plans to meddle in primaries all over the state and who bullied those women at the convention right? Now he’s being confrontational with the woman who produced the video and doesn’t care about losing Republican seats. That’s really too bad. There are alot of volunteers who have walked hundreds of miles, knocked on thousands of doors, and written checks with money that they really didn’t have only to have him not care about losing seats. Never ever ever give your money to the NCGOP if they support bad people like this. He wants to be a US Senator? Seriously?

    1. I’m not sure even the great majority of the State Executive Committee members are inclined to give $$ to the NCGOP. Last year, they were looking to get over $70,000 in revenues from just ExComm member donations…I think they might have just cleared $10,000 in donations.

  5. Tilli$ will not answer her question for the same reason that he is ducking candidate forums across the state, and that is because he is a rent boy of the $pecial interest$ instead of looking out for the average citizen and he does not want to be caught out on it, This is NOT what we need in a Senator.

    1. Someone said it best, if Tillis can’t show up to speak with and listen to contituents at an event a just a few miles from his house, who thinks he’s going to listen to the people several hundred miles away in DC. I guess it is true his loyalty is to special interests only and not the people. I am starting to think that he believes his job is to support the special interest only and only those when they have money to give him. Guess he only shows when someone has money to give. My voting place is only a few miles from my house. I will not show up for him either.

        1. Thank you. I will show up for sure and have been looking at all the candidates. I know now I’m going to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon.

  6. Thom Tillis is a coward. He refuses to actually engage legitimate questions from any critic. Tillis is following the establishment GOP playbook and therefore he refuses to participate in any forum that he cannot control. His response to Mrs. Revels is disgustingly arrogant. Even if she was guilty of personal attacks, which I have not seen, SHE IS ASKING LEGITIMATE AND EXTREMELY RELEVANT QUESTIONS. Make no mistake about the fact that Tillis is backed by some powerful people in the District of Criminals. Consider that his backers were able to effectively prevent every other establishment GOP politician from entering the US senate race.

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