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#ncpol: “Um, Dallas called.” (And WE have the voicemail!)

You just never know what that little cartoon character up at state GOP HQ will do next. The state Democrats have been all over social media about this “Blue Monday” thing — announcing new legislative candidates and pledging to contest every currently Republican held seat….

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#ncga: Senate dist. 25 GOP primary could set off touchy “family feud”

North Carolina Senate District 25 now includes Moore, Scotland, Anson and Richmond Counties.  It has an incumbent, Republican Tom McInnis of Richmond County.  McInnis has filed for reelection and, for the first time, will be seeking votes in Moore. Moore County GOP mover-and-shaker George Little…

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#ncga: Traveling & Eating (on special interests’ dime) with Jason

Only in America — specifically North Carolina and the NCGOP — can a guy go from broke and unemployed to making major financial decisions for the future of the state and getting showered with cash.  It’s good to be Jason Saine. We’ve had quite a…

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#ncga: NC Dems blast Crone for playing nice with Dollar

I  have a lot of respect for Democrat uber-consultant / NC Spin regular Brad Crone.  I disagree with him on just about everything issues-wise. But he does have an interesting, often-on-the-mark take on the state’s political inner workings. It looks like things have gotten a…

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NC-03: Racial Roulette?

“Round and round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows ….” — Overheard in Vegas There are some questions in life that should be easy to answer.  What’s your name?  How old are you? Where were you born?   We used to include “What gender…

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Another one bites the Blust — um, dust

Bert Jones. Carl Ford. Chris Millis. And now John Blust. Leaders in the state House’s tiny conservative minority are calling it quits in this cycle  It must be tough to hold firm principles and sit in that chamber day after day watching other folks throw…

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Popping the “Blue Monday” bubble

  Well, the state Democrat Party has rolled out more challengers for incumbent Jones Street Republicans.  One that threw me for a loop was Lowell Simon of Moore County challenging Jamie Boles. If you read up on Simon, he sounds like quite an impressive fellow. …

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#ncga: A familiar face from 2012?

Republican Ed Goodwin gave Elaine Marshall a spirited challenge in the 2012 Secretary of State race. Now, it appears Goodwin is eyeing a different route to Raleigh: Eddy Goodwin, a former state ferry director and former Chowan commissioner, says he plans to run for state…

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CR ratings: Tilli$$$ most liberal NCGOPer in DC

All of that crossing the aisle and ‘outcomes’ nonsense is paying off for the man from Florida Tennessee Cornelius Huntersville.  Conservative Review has their latest rankings out,  and here are some of the highlights: Ted Budd (R-13) tops the list with a perfect score of…

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The WaPo takes on WaJo

The maestros of fake news at The Washington Post are turning their,um, creative juices toward our very own Walter Jones: There are 291 Republicans in Congress, and only one voted against the GOP tax bill because he thinks it will increase the U.S. deficit.A 12-term congressman…