NC-03: Racial Roulette?

“Round and round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows ….”
— Overheard in Vegas

There are some questions in life that should be easy to answer.  What’s your name?  How old are you? Where were you born?  

We used to include “What gender are you?” until some folks in Raleigh and Charlotte decided that gender was something, um, fluid or interchangeable.  (* Let’s see, do I feel like the men’s room or the ladies room today?*)

Couple that with the crazy NAACP president from Washington state who we found out was really a white woman pretending to be black. 

It now appears that, in the 3rd congressional district primary, we have someone who is either  (1) practicing that time-tested political tradition of stretching the truth, or (2) having one hell of a Rachel Dolezal moment. 

We reported recently that Wake County resident Philip Law was going to challenge Rep. Walter Jones’s reelection to the 3rd district seat.  But we  noticed something special about his voter registration.

  • Exhibit One — Onslow County registration:


  • Exhibit Two — Wake County registration:

Prior to December 2017, Law identified himself as “white.”  Since then — at least on election records — he has identified himself as “Asian.”

This is the first case of racial, um, “fluidity” that I’ve ever seen.  (In North Carolina politics, at least.) Maybe this is part of the new era in America.  You can pick your own bathroom or locker room based on what you identify as.

Law  better be careful.  If he tries to make the, um, “transition” to black, The Round Rev may want to have a word with him.