Trans Studies Reading Group? (Yay!) Feminist Decolonial Politics? (um, Double Yay!)

Some of you may be taking a break from stressing over how you’re going to pay that tuition bill for the rugrats from that UNC institution of,um, higher learning.  Some of you may still be steaming over “Sex Week” or that $17 million for “diversity” that UNC edu-crats find too “insignificant” to cut.  Well, here’s one more gem from those folks in the ivory tower who insist they need even more of our money because they can’t get it done with the truckloads we’ve already given them:

The UNC Charlotte LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty Caucus is happy to announce that it is putting on a Trans studies reading group on Dean Spade’s Normal Life (2015). The reading group is open to all UNC Charlotte students, staff, and faculty. Space is limited, so sign up early! […]

Funding for the Trans studies reading group has been provided by the Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund. […] 


In case your whistle hasn’t been wet with THAT:

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Feminist Decolonial Politics Workshop, hosted by the Departments of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies, and the Center for Applied and Professional EthicsThis is the fourth annual Feminist Decolonial Politics Workshop, and will engage this year with the work of Dr. Saidiya Hartman, including Lose Your Mother (2007) and Scenes of Subjection (1997). […]
Lose Your Mother?  *A collection of stories about kids who find themselves at the War-Mart service desk — crying their eyes out?*

Those are just two examples of what your $17 million is buying you.

This has me wondering.  Do you think the Chinese — who I’m told are inches away from supplanting us as the world’s global economic superpower — do this stuff at their universities? 

4 thoughts on “Trans Studies Reading Group? (Yay!) Feminist Decolonial Politics? (um, Double Yay!)

  1. Our UNC system has simply gone off the rails. Margaret Spellings is providing no leadership. The chancellors are worthless. Leftwing faculty are having a field day. The UNC Board of Governors is dysfunctional. The Republican legislature has no idea how to reform higher education in North Carolina. A total disaster everywhere you turn.

  2. The legislature should call a special session immediately. First action should be to fire the entire UNC Board of Governors–most of whom are clueless RINOs with no idea how to reform the UNC system. An entirely new BOG should be appointed to set policy and, if Spellings won’t implement the policy, she should go back to Texas. After ten years of supposed GOP control, the UNC system is drowning in political correctness and leftist radicalism.

  3. Lawrence hits the nail on the head. We have nothing to show in terms of higher education reform in NC after the Republicans took over. Get rid of all GOP trustees and start all over.

  4. No matter what we decide to do concerning our own registration it would be a very good idea to seek out one of those petitions for getting the Constitution Party on the ballot. Presently, the Democrats and the Democrat light Parties (Republicans in charge) are not getting it done. I’m tire of the joke being on us.

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