#ncpol: “Um, Dallas called.” (And WE have the voicemail!)

You just never know what that little cartoon character up at state GOP HQ will do next.

The state Democrats have been all over social media about this “Blue Monday” thing — announcing new legislative candidates and pledging to contest every currently Republican held seat.  This apparently got Dallas thinking.  And dialing the phone.

We have the link to one of his voicemails here.  If you don’t have the stomach to listen just yet, here is a carefully-transcribed,um, transcript:

“Hey, this is, uh, Dallas Woodhouse from the North Carolina Republican Party. Listen, I know this call seems kinda out of the blue. But if my records are right, it looks like you’re in one of these, um, blue state house districts, uh, I actually don’t have a candidate for.That’s a pretty Democrat district. Um, not one we’re got a real good shot of winning.  But we really do need, uh, a Republican candidate.  So — yeah — I thought I’d just check in with you. Uh, maybe yourself. Maybe you know somebody. Um, we always need good Republicans. Um, listen, hit me up on email — um, Dallas dot Woodhouse at ncgop dot org. Um, or you can call my office, uh, 919-828-6423. um, gotta find some good candidates. We’ll help get the filing fee together and do the paperwork. Just, uh, something to think about. Love to hear from ya.”

The source who supplied this audio reports that at least one of his acquaintances — who has NEVER been active in the NCGOP — also got one of these calls from Dallas.

It’s soooooo nice to see GOP HQ following the lead of sleazy Wayne Goodwin.  What could go wrong?  (Um, ask Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.)