#ncpol: “Um, Dallas called.” (And WE have the voicemail!)

You just never know what that little cartoon character up at state GOP HQ will do next.

The state Democrats have been all over social media about this “Blue Monday” thing — announcing new legislative candidates and pledging to contest every currently Republican held seat.  This apparently got Dallas thinking.  And dialing the phone.

We have the link to one of his voicemails here.  If you don’t have the stomach to listen just yet, here is a carefully-transcribed,um, transcript:

“Hey, this is, uh, Dallas Woodhouse from the North Carolina Republican Party. Listen, I know this call seems kinda out of the blue. But if my records are right, it looks like you’re in one of these, um, blue state house districts, uh, I actually don’t have a candidate for.That’s a pretty Democrat district. Um, not one we’re got a real good shot of winning.  But we really do need, uh, a Republican candidate.  So — yeah — I thought I’d just check in with you. Uh, maybe yourself. Maybe you know somebody. Um, we always need good Republicans. Um, listen, hit me up on email — um, Dallas dot Woodhouse at ncgop dot org. Um, or you can call my office, uh, 919-828-6423. um, gotta find some good candidates. We’ll help get the filing fee together and do the paperwork. Just, uh, something to think about. Love to hear from ya.”

The source who supplied this audio reports that at least one of his acquaintances — who has NEVER been active in the NCGOP — also got one of these calls from Dallas.

It’s soooooo nice to see GOP HQ following the lead of sleazy Wayne Goodwin.  What could go wrong?  (Um, ask Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.) 

24 thoughts on “#ncpol: “Um, Dallas called.” (And WE have the voicemail!)

  1. We are very proudly trying to fill every seat. And I have called lots of people. Some people are active. some people are not active. But we are trying to field candidates, in every place. We are not scared off by challenging the most liberal democrats in the state.

    I know you guys hate everything about me, but if we don’t fill the seats you will be attacking me for that as well. Almost all our competitive ans republicans seats are filled, but the very difficult to win, are difficult to fill.

    I sure as hell will not apologize for doing all I can to put republicans on the ballot where they would not otherwise be.

    Perhaps the person who did not like that I called someone who THEY don’t think is a good idea, should call me, and if they are in an empty otherwise empty seat, I will HELP THEM file.

    1. Aw, we don’t hate everything about you, other than that unlawful trial and coup against our last lawfully elected Chairman, your staff immorally working against the election of Jim Womack and the illegally drafted and adopted 2017 Program of Organization thingie. Those things aside, we like ya just fine.

  2. However, all these people are extremely loyal republican primary voters, unless i simply had a bad phone number.

    I need an candidate in the Asheville Area Senate Race 49

    We need NC House 48 which is v popular democrat Garland Pierce in Scotland and Hoke Counties. I would love your USEFUL and HELPFUL ideas

  3. On the flip side, random calls to people who aren’t necessarily part of the GOP’s inner circle may have a good outcome. They could inadvertently produce a candidate who may actually do what they were elected to do instead of what the party tells them to do. What a refreshing change that would be. Sigh….

    1. Dallas!

      Roger W Allison From Durham Has Filed And is Running For Congressional House In CD1! Perhaps check your Emails and Direct phone calls to Katie as well as followed emails with her!

      Senate seat # 22 The President Of The NC Sheriff Police Mr. Rickey Pagett From Durham Has Filed For That Seat! Again the NCGOP was notified Two Weeks Ago On Both On These Campaigns as I am directing both and Working To Ensure We Take These Seats And Take Back List Ground! Both Campaigns are going Well!

      – Suzannah Tho- Mas
      Durham GOP
      And Always A Delegate!

      I will say this People with All Respect For Every one! There are actions that Do Need To Change But I Am A Christian Conservative Republican And No One Nor Any Action Is Going To Cause Me To Stop Fighting For My Party!

      To Seperate a yourself Is To Lose This State And Watch it turn blue! IM not going to leave that kind of a Legacy to my children or grand children!

      I will say this and I respect All but this Childish Battle Of Too many kids in the Sand box needs to END ON BOTH SIDES!

      WE can Not Afford To Lose Workers And We Can Not Afford To Lose Donors And We Can Not Afford To Lose People Who Produce Good Hard Work!

      I Am Asking All- To Reconcile These Childish Differences From the State To Haywood !

      I take No side I Fight For What is Right!
      All this Needs To Be Cleaned Up And Cleared Up So That All Can Work Together!!!!

      Thanks Y’all And God Bless Everyone!


  4. In earlier times, the grassroots would have found such candidates, but the establishment group that rules the state party has neutered the grassroots to the extent that a party bureaucrat tries to do this from Raleigh. This is a symptom of what is wrong with the party these days.

    This technique reminds me of Dare County filling the last county commission nomination on its ticket by advertising in the newspaper for a candidate about 30 years ago.. The guy they got seemed okay when they talked to him, but once he got to candidate forums, he came out with all sorts of crazy proposals, like putting up fences and gates and charging money for access to the beach, that he was an embarrassment to the whiole ticket.

    1. Why rely on the state and just do the work yourself like Miss Suz above? We are volunteers, they’ll talk what we give.

  5. Why do more Conservatives not want to get involved?
    My guess they are afraid of how the Establishment GOP leaders and lawyers treats its Conservative Grassroots Christians in North Carolina

    1. We’re not afraid. We’re sick and tired of their corrupt politics. That’s why many of us are leaving the party, so we have a choice of who to vote for, rather than taking the candidates the party is trying to ram down our throats. Thom Tillis comes to mind. Touted as a Conservative, but what has he done since his election. Nothing but sell out!

  6. This effort to attract candidates seems to be a one-man show and, skimpy at best. Where are the GOP ads and workers telling of their legislative progress? I am bombarded several times a day by hard working democrats and, not a word from republican! The plan to eliminate the corp tax was killed by a GOP Governor and cronyism reached new highs under a GOP legislature. Amateurism and ineptness seem to be the SOP.

  7. A little late to be cold calling strangers don’t ya think? What have you been doing for the past year and a half???
    I mean, dang man.

  8. Well for one thing Mr. Ham Biscuit: almost all of these districts are ones that have been changed, and we did not know for sure we would be using them until the state court said so, 8:17 Am this past Monday, less than 4 hours before the filing period started

    1. Who’s your “we”? My we knew. Even so, had you been doing your homework, and actually engaged with the people across the state, you would’ve been ready for the outcome. This is one the many reasons top down leadership in a political party doesn’t work.

  9. “”Where are the GOP ads and workers telling of their legislative progress? “

    For the most part, the people we are targeting are pretty well aware of this

    It’s far from a one man show. Legislative leaders focus on recruiting candidate for republican and swing seats.

    I focus on hard to impossible to win democrat seats. We are not telling you what republican to vote for. We want to make sure you Have ONE ago vote for.

    : To the kind Durham woman who is helping recruit candidate and them helping them, thank you very much

    Cabe telling anyone why others don’t become involved is a damn joke. He js one of the nastiest human beings I have ever seen in politics. Personal, disgusting and revolting attacks on other republicans. Also a person that 2/3rds of the State Executive committee found to be responsible for working to support democrats over republicans in Haywood County in the general election

    1. Dallas, you are a stinking hypocrite when you do not go after Thom Tillis the same way for helping the Democrat win the Alabama US Senate race. That was a much more blatant case of party disloyalty than whet Cabe was accused of. The fake Republican that Cabe was accused of undercutting had been censored by the county GOP for his un-Republican voting record. Roy Moore, on the other hand, was endorsed by the Alabama Republican Party, Alabama’s Republican governor, and President Trump.

      And Dallas, it is the PARTY, not the legislative leaders who should be recruiting GOP candidates in Republican and swing districts. Your abdicating the party’s role there shows what crappy leadership we have in the NCGOP.

      1. Tom The Terrible F Rated Tillis if he is the republican standard I surely then no longer want to be one #ConservativeBeforeRepublican

        1. Let me explain how it works in the NCGOPe.

          If you are a little pissant grassroots peasant like this Cabe dude, then you had better do as we say or we will step on you. In fact, we need to step on somebody every now and then to keep the peasants in line. That was what the Haywood County dog and pony show was all about.

          On the other hand, if you are part of the exalted elite like Dear Leader Thom Tillis, you can do whatever you like, including promoting Democrat policy and Democrat candidates like Doug Jones in Alabama, and we will look the other way..

          It is all a matter of who you are in our little world.

  10. The RINO establishment has cried “wolf” too many times. Conservative voters are no longer going to truck to the polls to keep these legislative frauds in office. Let the Democrats take back control of the legislature. It would serve these GOP frauds right. This is one conservative who will turn out to vote for Trump in 2020, but will gladly stay at home this fall.

  11. The way NCGOP in the persons of Dallas Woodhouse and Tom Stark treats people, is it any wonder they have trouble finding candidates?

  12. Can someone explain to me what this means?

    t’s soooooo nice to see GOP HQ following the lead of sleazy Wayne Goodwin. What could go wrong? (Um, ask Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.)

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