CR ratings: Tilli$$$ most liberal NCGOPer in DC

All of that crossing the aisle and ‘outcomes’ nonsense is paying off for the man from Florida Tennessee Cornelius Huntersville.  Conservative Review has their latest rankings out,  and here are some of the highlights:

  • Ted Budd (R-13) tops the list with a perfect score of 100.  Mark Meadows (R-11) is a close second with a 95. Walter Jones (R-3) comes in third at 87.   (Kinda puts a dent in that whole ‘liberal Walter’ spin that floats to the surface every time primary season comes around.)
  • Patrick McHenry (R-10), with a score of 50, has displaced Robert Pittenger (R-9), scoring 55, as North Carolina’s most liberal Republican in the US House.  (Pittenger has a tough primary in May.)
  • Ted Budd is part of a 7-way tie for “most conservative” in the US House.
  • McHenry and Pittenger are the only two NCGOPers in the House to earn F-ratings.
  • Over in the Senate, Utah’s Mike Lee was the only Republican to earn a perfect score.
  • Four Senate Republicans did earn A-ratings.  (South Carolina’s Tim Scott led off the B-ratings with a score of 86.)
  • Thom Tilli$$$ (score of 39) and Richard Burr (score of 40) are the 38th and 39th most conservative in the chamber.
  • Jeff Flake — who never misses a chance to beat up on and vote against Trump — is more conservative (score of 57) than our two guys.  Our two guys rank only one slot higher than John McCain (score of 35).
  • South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham (score of 35) is tied with McCain and is two slots to the left of Burr and Tilli$$$.
  • David Price (D-4) — with a score of 6 — has managed to position himself to the left of our two Black Caucus members, GK Butterfield and Alma “Mad Hatter” Adams.

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  1. So we have two Senators who are almost 20 points more flaky than Flake himself. Incredible. The GOP voters of Arizona are running Flake out of office, so it is high time that our GOP voters in North Carolina do the same to our two flakes.

    What does ole Woodhouse have to say to that?

    1. I agree-Why the HELL?? isn’t someone coming up with a candidate to replace Tillis? They ALL know we are not going to vote for him! I’m writing in Ronald Reagan which I always do when I am disgusted with a candidate. That’s what I did for governor-McCrory v.Cooper. Corey Gardner(Sen. from Co) is Chrm of Sen Rep campaign-I keep calling his office in Wash leaving messages telling him about Tillis and ASKING him WHY THE HELL??(yes those exact words) don’t they have a candidate to replace Tillis? he will not win.He’s going by the wayside like McCrory and to educate himself about that.I’ve called the RNC,Cornyn,Barasso,Thune,and McConnell’s phones in Kentucky b/c no one will answer in Wash. I figure they must want to LOSE!!!!!

      1. This is the result of a lack of strong conservative leadership at 1506 Hillsborough Street. Instead of that, we have an infiltrator posing as ED whom is known to be a blood relative of a family of left-wing extremists. This ED and his treacherous staff have worked to thwart conservative activists at every turn, deliberately ignoring Party rules and rigging Party elections to maintain their control of the State Party. This shifts the burden to advance Republican principles wholly upon the shoulders of the County parties, thus the coming electoral results may prove unfortunately to be ugly but predictable.

      2. That’s why I send my donations out of state to Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul and I support Congressman Mark Walker instead of dip price.

      3. I agree, for we would have been better off leaving Kay Hagen in office than this Rino Tom Tillis. He acts like a Democrat, smells like Demo-rat, has done nothing for the people who elected him.
        All he can do is side with Democrats because he can not write his own Bill. So, he co-sponsors bill with a Democrats always!
        DACA which is a Illegal executive order of Obama’s, which he is in favor of indeed. I wrote Tillis about Immigration and all I got was his proposal in writing how he feels so sorry for Illegals.
        Why, can’t he and Burr write a Bill for “No Sharia Law” in the United States and support building the wall. North Carolina is already footing benefits for Illegals.
        Tillis and Burr have allow Gov. Roy Cooper get by with writing a Executive order for allowing Transsexuals to use the Girls Bathrooms, Locker Rooms in our Public Schools. When are Burr and Tillis going to stop “Common Core” in our K12 School systems. Teaching Garden Children its ok to be gay, its Ok to be a transsexual, Holy Bible courses have been banded, and replaced with OBAMA’s Holy Islamic Quran courses teaching the 5 Pillars of Islam. Anyway Tillis is so far to the left its unreal. I voted for him and now I hate myself for he is a total fraud. Yes, when he was in Raleigh, Nc his staff set up a conference call and his staff picked my number, they hung up on me when I was going to ask about immigration.

      4. Not voting for McCrory against makes no sense, and could be why he was the only GOPer who lost statewide. Now we have a left wing governor!!

      1. Unfortunately burr (lower case on purpose for he is truly small) has most of he’s six years to run and will probably should what a idiot he can truly be.

    2. I have been watching Tillis and Burr says he will not run again . I hope there is a good republican running against Tillis , he or she will have my vote . Remember when you vote ,vote straight GOP ticket to let Mr Schumer know how much we like him representing illegals and not Americans

    3. The records show an F- for both Tillis & Burr they stand for ILLEGALS and very weak for AMERICANS. Who pocket are they in? We AMERICANS voted you in WE can vote you out.

      1. Thom Tillis is bought and paid for by the mother of all special interest groups, the US Chamber of Commerce, an organization that used to stand for free enterprise and limited government, but has been taken over by the corrupt crony capitalists and now stands for corporate welfare, big spending, government interference, and illegal immigration. I would run, not walk, away from any Chamber backed candidate. These days, they are as bad as the AFL-CIO and it is becoming difficult to tell the two apart.

  2. Some very smart conservative Republicans in NC are already discussing the formation of a new Conservative Party for the Tarheel State. The NC GOP is the hapless victim of some of the worst RINOism is the country.

    1. That would be premature and counterproductive. Right now, conservatives have an excellent shot at taking things back in NC through electing Dan Forest as governor, and he undoubtedly would want a grassroots oriented conservative as state party chairman. In fact if Forest is as smart as I think he is, he will engineer that in 2019 so he will have a friendly party when he is running. Forest as governor will change everything. As to the Senate, many of us are hoping that Congressman Meadows will pursue his interest in running for that seat in 2020, whether or not Tillis does.

      The place to put your energies this year is to find some solid primary opponents to some of our legislators to seem to forget the GOP platform and principles while they are in session.

      A Conservative Party might have some merit if our election laws allowed cross endorsements like New York does, but it does not.

      1. Despite my remarks below, I don’t disagree with you on all points….but the Lieutenant Governor must indeed move fast and strike decisively to remake the Party before his natural base flees and leaves him without support. There are more than a few conservative County Party leaders whom he can depend on to support him if he can convince them that he’s no Pat McCrory and that he will redirect the NCGOP’s purpose towards a conservative agenda.

    2. Thanks to the passage of Senate bill 656, there’s never been a better time to create a third Party with ballot access. On the other side of the spectrum, the NC Greens are going for it full speed ahead.

    3. I would like to know more about this new party . We need it to weed out the Liberal trash , that pretend to be conservative .

  3. I am so sorry, I voted for Tillis but never again, I called all his officers last week to include dc and got 1 festoons and no action.

  4. Senator Thom Tillis Chief of Staff is Ted Lehman, the former Chief of Staff for Senator Chuck Grassley, Senate Judiciary Committee. Prior to Lehman being hired Ray Starling followed John Mashburn both as Thom’s Chiefs of Staff. In the past year Trump gained by hiring three conservatives who served Senator Tillis. Communications are the key, but if the Chief of Staff chooses not to be informed by North Carolinians, then the fault lies in Tillis’ agenda.

  5. Tillis is not a conservative at all. I worked hard to get him elected, now I’m sorry I did. I e-mailed him and said ,”you are part of the Swamp.”He e-mailed back with a lot of BS that said nothing. We need to get him out. He ran his campaign as conservative ,but when he was elected he forgot who elected him. Quiet common in politics. I do not think he will wake-up. He has little integrity I can see.

  6. Seems, Hudson should give the Senate a Shot! He values the Constitution and send weekly emails about supporting the Republican Party and Trumps addenda. Just what happened to the Tea Party? Seems Obama used George Soros Money to destroy them. The IRS, HSA attacked the Tea Party, and I do believe the Tea Party was spied on indeed I do. I wrote on face book I was a member of the Tea Party and believe or not NC IR audited me. Thus I remove that part of my profile as no Party Ties.

    1. Do NOT give Hudson a VOTE anywhere in the 8th District. His value is ZIP. Ask yourself about his marital background with a wife who goes by several names-Link them together and see what it means and the connections to Indiana. Hope Renee Howell Kevelighan Hudson, Colorado is a former Chief of Staff to former Congressman Mark Souder R., Indiana. After working for Souder almost eight years, following a divorce from Sean Kevelighan, Geo W Bush White House adviser to Treasury and Communications for the GAO she developed another relationship with Tad Furtado, House Staffer for Rep. Bass, NH. The breakup was horrific and Furtado was charged with a felony personal property damage. The publicity surrounding Hope Howell Kevelighan didn’t stop, and she knew soon had a new friend. Soon to become a Congressman-Richard Hudson, R., NC. In order to remain employed in the “House” Hope blew the WHISTLE on her boss Mark Souder for extramarital affair, and the Office of House Ethics was provided with her personal ethics charges. It looked like the timing for her engagement and marriage to Rep. Richard Hudson, and the day of Rep. Souder’s resignation was Hope and Richard Hudson’s Wedding Day! It didn’t mean the new wife of Hudson was out of a COS position, since there was no replacement for Souder because Hope Renee Howell Kevelighan Hudson continued to run the exCongressman Souder’s Congressional office without him, and she became the unelected self-appointed Rep. The newly elected Congressman from Indiana was Rep. Rokita and Hope Hudson became his Chief of Staff. Where is Hope Hudson now? She is the Chief of Staff to Kellyanne Conway in the White House and has a working relationship with Vice President Mike Pence, R.,Indiana who once served in the House. Hope Hudson has always worked for Members from Indiana and even worked for Ben Quayle who has close ties to Indiana even though he was from Arizona. To complete the image just look to see who the Chairwoman in the Office of House Ethics is Congresswoman Susan Brooks, R. Indiana.

  7. Es up fore-election, I sure hope he will have a good, realr I didn’t vote for Thom TTTTillis to turn into a RINO. When he comes up for re-election, I hope that he has a good, real conservative opponent in the primary because I will vote foe him!

  8. Yeah when he went up against Brannon, Tillis said he was more conservative. What a bunch of bs. Greg should have been elected. F^(k tillis and guys like graham

  9. I sure agree with all the above comments; I was very disappointed in what Tom Tillis did and did not do during this last year in office and including 2018. My money is going to Mark Meadows. I think he is doing a great job. Very disappointed that Richard Burr voted against extending the short term budget last week – note that he was the ONLY republican from NC who voted no!! I like the idea of a new conservative party as mentioned by ‘Jackson’. I’ll be glad to donate.

  10. I just called Tillis and Burr’s DC offices too ask them to oppose the Feinstein-Cornyn S-3135
    The” Fix Nics Act.” Legislation that will strip away people’s gun rights without due process.
    At Burr’s office I got a record that said leave a message didn’t ask for your name, zip or nothing. At Tillis’s office I did speak to a actual person who ask what I would like to say and didn’t ask for name, zip or nothing. I don’t think ( know) they care what the people want they just want to line their pockets.

  11. If you give money to the NRSC, McConnell uses that money to set up straw candidates to defeat real conservatives in the primary. Look what he did to Greg Brannon, Kelli Ward, Roy Moore, etc. McConnell doesn’t care if a Comicrat defeats a propped up RINO in the main election as long as that flow of K Street PAC $$ keeps flowing into his campaign coffers.
    I don’t know who will challenge Tillis in 2020 but you can count on McConnell to find a financed straw candidate to suck away voters from the real Conservative in the primary.

    1. Look at what McConnell’s crowd did in Colorado last time, which was a targeted state for GOP takeover. The grassroots candidate, a very articulate black conservative county commissioner easily won the primary, with McConnell’s handpicked candidate running a pathetic fourth. Post primary polls showed a highly competitive general election race, but McConnell was not interested. He made a big splash of pulling out of it, and that scared off other money to the GOP nominee. McConnell threw away the seat, because he would rather see Democrats elected than conservatives.

      A good place to find the true conservatives running is

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